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Chocolate has become a somewhat difficult area for coeliacs recently. Since the gluten-free food regulations were changed, I have had to rule out a lot of my favourites (Green & Blacks, *sob* – see NB). The choc world has become a minefield of ‘may contain’, ‘possible traces of’ and ‘made in a factory with’. I love chocolate. I love eating chocolate. Here are some of my safe to eat gluten-free favourites.

1. Montezuma’sGiant Milk Chocolate Buttons and Space Hopper Bar. If I could only choose one brand to keep buying from it would be Montezuma. The chocolate buttons are hard to find (I have only ever seen them in Wholefoods, the Kew Gardens gift shop and the Montezuma shop in Brighton) but are amazing (and addictive), and the space hopper is like a slightly posher and creamier version of Terry’s chocolate orange. Not too outrageously expensive either. Yum.





2. Hotel Chocolat – Frankly, anything. Here is a link to all their gluten-free options.  Yes, it is quite pricey, but their chocolate is so bloody delicious. They frequently have close-to-best-before items reduced and I plan to SWOOP in the day after Halloween to get some seasonal bargains.

3. Cadbury’s Flake – A bit messy for on the go, but a reasonably priced GF classic. I recently discovered that a flake crumbled into hot custard is a truly wonderful thing.

4. Seed & BeanRich Milk Chocolate Bar – Creamy with a lovely rich flavour. I tried this one for the first time recently after picking up on offer in Wholefoods.  Labelled gluten-free! I have only tried this Milk bar but I look forward to trying more – this one was delicious.

5. Waitrose own brandThe Continental Plain Chocolate Bar and the Seriously Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar. A gorgeous plain chocolate at a very reasonable price, and a creamy milk bar for those times when you just want melt-in-the-mouth indulgence. Some of the only supermarket own-brand chocolate that is suitable for coeliacs; Tesco apparently also has a few that I need to check out.

Please share your GF favourites!

N.B. I used to love Green & Blacks and read on Coeliac UK that even though the packaging states that there is a risk of factory contamination, they should still be ok for Coeliacs because of extensive cleaning routines. For most they may be fine (and of course keep eating if it isn’t making you ill), but for me, unfortunately not. I think I may ultra sensitive. Anyone else?

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