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Star Product: Antoinette Savill Rolls


I am going through a bit of a bread obsession.  For the first time in my life, gluten-free bread is becoming properly good and enjoyable, and I am relishing the opportunity to try all the new options.  I have also become more fussy about what bread I buy and eat, because like many coeliacs I have come to resent paying over the odds for gluten-free products that just don’t pass muster, and bread is something that is still often below-par.

I buy my favourite cobs from the WAGfree bakery in Brixton when I can, but it is a treat and I don’t always get round to making the trip. Fortunately I have  a Waitrose ten minutes walk away, which sells the delicious Antoinette Savill Rolls.

As far as I can see, Waitrose is the sole stockist of these rolls, which is a shame as they are a great product and could do with being more widely available. They have quite a distinctive taste and texture, and are most similar to the WAGfree buns served at Honest Burger. They do not fall apart (!!), and they are stretchy and soft – far from the dry, crumbly mess that some Freefrom buns end up as.

I find they are best microwaved for 30 seconds or put under the grill/ in the oven for a few minutes.

£1.99 for 4 at Waitrose.