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Flat Iron: Best Steak in London?

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write about Flat Iron*. A Soho go-to, Flat Iron is great for a quick, sexy dinner date, and is thus far my favourite place to eat steak in London.


Steak. Dripping-cooked chips. Cocktails. You can’t go wrong. Let’s get one thing out of the way though: Flat Iron is not one for the vegetarians. May I direct you to one of my favourite veggie places to eat?

Anyway, Flat Iron do one thing really bloody well. Steak! They have kept the menu simple, and focus purely on providing the best steak and sides. At £10 for the basic steak and salad, it comes in considerably cheaper (and better) than the steak-themed tourist traps in the area.


Food arrives quickly (a benefit of having just a few things on the menu) and you’re given complimentary popcorn while you wait. It is a cosy, intimate atmosphere inside; you can end up jostling for elbow room with strangers, but for me this adds to the Soho charm.

Even though they don’t advertise it as such, it is a great place for coeliacs as almost everything on the menu is gluten free, and the staff know what they are talking about. Whenever I’ve been in, the only thing we can’t have is the roast aubergines side.


Flat Iron is the kind of restaurant where you drop by and try your luck. The website is minimal, and there is a no reservation policy.You may need to wait for a table on a busy night, but there is a handy cocktail bar downstairs which does delicious and not-ridiculously-expensive cocktails. I could happily drink 10 of their sloe gin and strawberry bellinis if it wouldn’t make me silly drunk.

Next time you’re looking for a place to eat in Soho, step away from REAL ANGUS STEAKHOUSE AND CO (etc) and give Flat Iron a look-in.

Where do you go to eat steak in London?


*(actually I do – I have a never-ending list of places that need sharing but just don’t have time to write about them all!)

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