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Gluten Free & Low FODMAP ideas: Lunches and Dinners

Once your Low-FODMAP breakfast goes down, you’re going to need some FODMAP-friendly lunch and dinner. For me, the two meals are interchangeable. Lunch is usually made up of leftovers from whatever creation I made the night(s) before. As a FODMAP-avoiding-coeliac, there is very little (if any) choice of ready-made food to buy out and about, so it is much easier and tastier to D.I.Y. I’ve brought a bunch of basic recipes together here, I hope this might inspire some fellow FODMAPpers to try something new.


1. Roasted fennel and red pepper pasta bake. Simple comfort food. Roast the veg with some olive oil or garlic-infused olive oil, salt, pepper, Italian herbs. A few cherry tomatoes could go well too. Stir in cooked gluten free pasta when almost done, and roast a little longer with added mozzarella and parmesan on the top. Take out when the cheese is melted.

2. Red grape, goats cheese and green bean salad. Add sunflower seeds for crunch. Chuck it all together, dress to your taste.


3. Pizza. I use Isabel’s Gluten Free Pizza Mix*, which is made primarily from Low FODMAP cassava flour. A couple of my favourite toppings in the photos below; melanzane (aubergine, tomato & mozzarella) and roasted red pepper and feta. Love a classic margharita or italian ham pizza too.

*it does contain milk powder, which may not agree with everyone on the FODMAP diet


3. Salmon & greens. Bake a salmon fillet or two in a foil parcel, with a lemon chopped into pieces and placed inside, squeezing the juice over the fish as you go. Serve with boiled or steamed greens. Kale and spinach are favourites for me as they are full of the all-important calcium (coeliacs need all the help they can get!). Potato and mayo salad also works well.

4. Steak and chips. Simple, delicious. Low FODMAP and naturally gluten free, providing there are no wheatflour coatings. I don’t claim to cook steak as amazing as the one below; I thought I’d post Flat Iron’s offering as an example. I would highly recommend their restaurants to anyone, coeliac or otherwise.

5. Chicken breast pan-fried in lemon juice, served with a homemade tomato, spring onion, basil and courgette ratatouille (whack your choice of veggies and herbs together with some tinned tomatoes).

6. Antipasti. Essentially, a plate full of your favourite FODMAP-friendly snacky foods. I made one with eggs scrambled with spring onion, plum tomatoes, ham, olives, feta cheese and salad leaves.


5. Carrot and coriander fritters. Following this recipe by Nigel Slater, I substitute rice milk for the double cream.

6. Risotto. The below is a kale, white wine and parmesan risotto, but you could substitute whichever FODMAP-friendly veg/meat takes your fancy. Follow your usual recipe, but use a homemade stock or broth as 99.99999% of stock cubes and powders contain onion or garlic.

9.  Cod poached in rice milk and white wine, serve with potatoes & greens. This is a good recipe, minus the garlic and mascarpone.

10. Sausages with roasted veg and greens, rice works too. See my previous breakfast post for recommendations of gluten free and Low-FODMAP sausages.

IMG_4310-0.JPGKeep an eye out for some of my favourite gluten free and FODMAP-friendly snacks and treats next post! Thanks for reading,


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