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Soothe Food: Gluten Free & Low-FODMAP Supper Club in South London*


Gluten free oatcake stars with lactose-free cream cheese & smoked salmon. Served with a pomegranate & prosecco cocktail. Inset: little pack of seeds to grow at home. :)

*Disclaimer: Soothe Food kindly invited myself and a friend to come and try their supper club for free. My opinions are my own. Please have a read of my Disclaimer Page. :)

I am happy to say that I have ticked one of my new year’s resolutions off the list. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of dining at the Soothe Food gluten free and low-FODMAP supper club.

What is Soothe Food?

A specialist supper club. Restaurant-quality cooking served up in a cosy home in South London, with a menu that is entirely gluten free and Low-FODMAP; suitable for coeliacs, IBS sufferers and normal folk too. Like a really fancy dinner party with strangers. The concept may seem odd, but our host Emma was warm and welcoming, and made us feel like we were over at a (super-talented chef) friend’s house. Once the cocktails were flowing, there was no awkwardness. It was actually a pleasure to meet an eclectic bunch of new people. There were eight of us, with a mix of ages and gender (though women in their twenties were particularly well-represented), and not everyone was on a special diet.

The Menu

The food was a treat. The attention to detail – the hand-illustrated poster menu, the beautiful presentation of the food, the little pouch of seeds for us to take home and grow – all added up to made it feel like a special experience. We were all given a full list of ingredients of each dish which was a nice touch; as a fellow fodmapper, Emma knows the importance of knowing EXACTLY what’s in your food. As well as being entirely gluten free and low-FODMAP, Soothe Food can also cater for vegetarians and vegans with advance notice. My phone pics don’t quite do the food justice, but here’s a few to give you an idea. 

Starter: cheesy broccoli & ham sausages with celeriac & salad on the side.

Main: Venison pie with roasted parsnip chips and cabbage.

Dessert: Blood orange tart with chocolate ganache & orange whisky, served with lactose-free cream.

The cherry on the top: Homemade marshmallows, served with a lovely soothing cup of peppermint tea.

Everything was delicious, but the highlights for me were the cheesy sausages, the venison pie, and the homemade marshmallows.


At the time of writing, tickets are £25. In my opinion this is very reasonable for the quality of food, the number of courses and the care taken over avoiding cross-contamination and using entirely gluten free ingredients. It would cost so much more to get a 3 course meal (5 if you count nibbles & the last bite) of this quality in a London restaurant. It is BYOB.

me, happy because I can eat EVERYTHING!

Would I recommend it? 

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Soothe Food! To friends gluten free, low-FODMAP or otherwise. It was lovely not to have to worry about cross-contamination or ask endless questions about the ingredients. It was a fun, relaxed and sociable evening. Find out more about Soothe Food and how to book here. Their next supper is on April 23rd.

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  1. That’s a fascinating concept for feeding people, and definitely an exciting way to dine out and meet new people! I’d definitely give something like this a try, especially if the food was that good. And you’re right, £25 is a bargain for all that food. Would love to see that sort of dining across the country!

    • Yes, I hope the concept catches on a little more outside of London, it was a really nice experience even for my friend who was not gluten free or low fodmap. :)

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