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Gluten Free at Thermae Bath Spa

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Relaxing in the spa is one of my very favourite things, so I was over the moon when David (my boyfriend) bought a Twilight Spa experience for my birthday.

The package includes a meal and drink at the spa restaurant, so when I booked I realised I had to check if there was something gluten free to eat. Doh!

The last thing you want to do is worry about food when you’re going for a relaxing experience, but unfortunately as a coeliac finding safe food is always a concern.

I thought I would do a quick rundown of my experience to help out any other gluten free folk who are doing what I was, and frantically Googling what is safe to eat!

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My meal

I was a little apprehensive about the gluten free options before my visit but the staff at the restaurant put me at ease. Both waiters we came into contact with knew the menu very well, and were able to tell me what was gluten free, and what could be made gluten free.

I opted for the serrano ham with thyme & honey ricotta sandwich because it sounded vaguely Sicilian and appealing (in case you missed my last post, I am in love with Sicilian gluten free food) and it was lovely. I’m not sure which bread they use, but it was tasty, a decent size (GF bread is often Borrower-sized) and it held together really well. Here is a photo of me laughing at a sandwich.


(Note: This reminded me of Women Laughing Alone With Salad…)


Gluten Free options

Though the menu itself wasn’t labelled with the allergens apart from a brief ‘speak to our staff if you have dietary needs’ sort of statement, there were actually plenty of options.

I’ve copied a couple of the main bits of the menu below.

First up, sandwiches. The restaurant were able to make any of the sandwiches gluten free. The crisps that came with it were plain salted crisps. Not sure which brand, but they tasted a lot like Tyrrell’s (I double checked that these were gluten free).


Also available were several mains that either were gluten free or could be made gluten free.


They had gluten free pasta so could make the rigatoni dish gluten free, and if I remember correctly, our waiter said that they could make everything *except* the black pudding and chorizo wellington and thai chicken curry gluten free by alteration (e.g. removing croutons in the salad, baking the hake fillet without a crumb coating).

There were also some starters, sharing bits and bobs and desserts, but I didn’t ask about those.

Link to full menu.


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Would I recommend it?

I would, if a meal is included in your package, or if you like the novelty of eating in your swimming gear and robe! Both my gluten free meal and David’s ‘normal’ meal were very nice, and I didn’t suffer any ill-effects afterwards. There are other lovely coeliac-friendly restaurants elsewhere in Bath though.

While I was happy with our experience on the day, I found the booking staff on the phone did not have great knowledge of the gluten free options at the restaurant, and there is very little information on the website. This could definitely be improved – for people on a restricted diet, knowing this stuff in advance is essential.

Aside from the food, we had a lovely time at the spa. It felt very special to be able to watch the sunset from the rooftop pool, and we both felt insanely relaxed and rejuvenated after the experience.


Have you been to the Thermae Bath spa? What was your experience like? Please ‘like’ and share if you find this post useful, or have a gluten free friend visiting the spa! :)

Yours relaxedly,

Issi x

P.S. Want to hear a secret? You can get 4 hours for the price of 2 with any GWR (First Great Western) train ticket travelling to Bath the day of your visit. Even if it is just Bristol to Bath. BOOM.

Link to offer

P.P.S.  I visited and wrote this in October 2015. Please check for updated information on the Thermae Bath Spa website and always double check in person.

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  1. Sue Pitt says

    My daughter treated me to one of these whilst she was a student in Bath. I don’t think she was a coeliac at the time (is now) but I remember that she had checked out for me and that there was some gluten free options. We had a hot meal, I don’t remember there being sandwiches as an option then but it was a few years ago (at least 5). It was lovely, although I didn’t really enjoy the sitting around in a wet costume and robe whilst eating an evening meal. It’s a pity you can’t have your spa session and then get changed before going into the restaurant.

    • Hi Sue, what a nice treat from your daughter. :) Haha it does feel a bit strange to eat out in your robe! I have done on a previous visit, but this time we were able to eat our meal first (clothed) and then do the spa. We ate a relatively light meal so didn’t feel too weighed down. I don’t know if there is still a restriction on going into the restaurant after your session…it seemed like they didn’t mind what order you did things in as long as you stuck to your slot. Maybe worth asking for next time. x

  2. I have never been to a spa, which is very bad, especially since Milan has a beautiful thermal station near the old Spanish walls. -.-

    I am quite envious at you right now, but I’m so happy that you could enjoy your experience to its fullest!

    • Thankyou lovely! :) Is that the TermeMilano? I’ve just been googling it and it looks GORGEOUS. You should go! x

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