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Gluten Free Quinoa Beer (yes, really)

quinoa beer

Here’s a new one for you…

Quinoa beer.

Yes, really!

David and I stumbled across this in a health food shop in Bath (Harvest – brilliant place).

At first we thought it sounded like a product from a fad dieter joke. It is definitely real.

planet organic beer

…and even more expensive at Planet Organic!

We didn’t buy a bottle because

a) We weren’t sure how the nutty taste of quinoa would translate to beer


b) It was on the pricey side, even for GF.

I thought it was a rather intriguing concept though, as an alternative to de-glutenised hops.

Altiplano is the company – 100% gluten free, organic and french.

Have you tried it? Would you?

Issi x

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  1. David says

    If you read the back it includes malt barley in the ingredients? I would be interested to know your thoughts on so-called de-glutenised beers and can send you my research if it helps

    • Issi says

      I would be interested to see your research David, you can send me an email on my contact page if you like. I don’t drink much gluten free beer myself, and haven’t read much about the de-glutenisation process.

  2. I actually tried this beer the last time I was in Paris and found it to be quite good! It didn’t taste strongly of quinoa. It was much more like regular beer (à la Celia) than other GF beers made from alternative grains such as sorghum.

    • Issi says

      You are the second person who has told me it actually tastes rather nice! :)

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