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Gluten Free Doughballs at Pizza Express!


This is not a drill – Pizza Express are finally doing gluten free doughballs!

I’ve eaten at Pizza Express many times over the years (it is one of my recommended places to grab a coeliac-friendly meal in London), and the doughballs have always given me serious food envy.

It may seem like a small thing, but it sucks to be the one eating salad when everyone else is tucking into doughballs and garlic bread! (I’m sure my fellow coeliacs will know what I’m talking about). It will be great to have a decent gluten free starter to share…or keep all for yourself. 😉

I am so glad Pizza Express have listened to the feedback of carb-crazy coeliacs like me.

me, irl

Read more about the doughballs here. They should be available in restaurants as of now – I hope to try them ASAP!

Have any of you tried them yet?

Issi x

P.S. Check the offers section of the Pizza Express website before visiting – you can usually get some sort of discount.

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  1. I find it quite odd as to how many are raving about the release of these dough balls. They are easy enough to make at home, i make my own type of dough balls and stuff them with cheese. To be honest this is most likely aimed at those on a fad diet and not celiac sufferers. I tend to avoid pizza express as I have had a few bad experiences not to mention the price! Total rip off!

    • Issi says

      For me, dough balls, breadsticks and garlic bread are the things I traditionally missed out on in Italian restaurants, so I do find it exciting to have that option now. Indeed many of the recent gluten free developments are only happening because of ‘fad dieters’, but do you remember what it was like before? IMO there’s been a great improvement in gluten free availability, and sure you can make this stuff at home, but it nice to be able to order it in a restaurant like a regular person.

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