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Gluten Free Snacks for Hungry Coeliacs!

mini mezze

As an awkward coeliac and frequently hungry person, I’m all about finding tasty and portable snacks. Even though there are more gluten free options in cafes and restaurants these days, I still feel more comfortable keeping snacks with me, or buying gluten free snacks that I know are safe. I especially like to discover good savoury gluten free snacks, as I find too many gluten free options are of the sweet variety – I love cake, but I don’t want to eat it all the time! I thought I’d share a few of my favourites for my fellow hungry coeliacs.  🎒

Gluten Free Breadsticks 


*hoovers up entire plate*

While these Nature’s Store breadsticks don’t appear to be available any more, Tesco do a remarkably similar product which tastes just as good. You get two sealed bags of breadsticks in a box. Very handy for keeping in your bag as an emergency snack.

Freefrom Breadsticks, £1.20 at Tesco

Snacking Chorizo


cider optional.

This snacking chorizo is the bomb.com, and gluten free! Chorizo is one of the most delicious foods on earth as far as I’m concerned, and these mini chorizos make for the perfect bar snack or picnic treat.

Unearthed Snacking Chorizo at Waitrose, £1.69

Mini Mezze Boxes

mini mezze

I <3 mini things

Waitrose and Marks and Spencer do some great little mezze packs, some of which are gluten free. This mini mezze has my faves, olives and cheese. <3

Mini Mezze, £1.89 at Waitrose 

Gluten free blueberry muffins

blueberry muffin


While I mostly go for savoury snacks, I can’t resist these light and fluffy gluten free muffins from M&S. Also rated by my non-coeliac friends.

Blueberry muffins, around £1.50-2.00 from Marks and Spencer in store (you can see some of their gluten free range here)

Gluten free crisps


winning combination

I do enjoy the occasional bag of gluten free crisps. Sea salted Tyrrell’s, Piper’s and Kettle Chips are all gluten free, and can be found in various supermarkets and cafes.

6 Pack of Slightly Salted Tyrrell’s – £1.79 at Tesco

Sandwiches & cocktail sausages

marks and spencer

the perfect picnic

I find Marks and Spencer get snacks particularly right. Pictured are some of my freefrom favourites; the Made Without Wheat cheddar cheese ploughman’s sandwich and regular cocktail sausages. You can pick these up in most M&S food halls. Fruit is also always good!

Ploughman’s sandwich is around £3.50, cocktail sausages are around £1.00 in store. Check out the Marks and Spencer online gluten free range here. 

The Classic – Cheese on Toast

cheese toast

this is what heaven looks like

Of course, sometimes an on the go backpack snack just won’t do. Cheese on toast is the classic snack (or let’s be honest, actual meal). Gluten free bread (I believe this was Beyond Bread sourdough) + mature cheddar cheese + 1 x fresh tomato + a few leaves of fresh basil. Grill, eat.


Coeliac and gluten free snackers…what’s  in your bag? 

Write me a comment and let me know. 😊

Until next time, 

Issi x

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    • Issi says

      I am a super fan of Beyond Bread Ben! I need to try the Kind bars, I wish I’d picked some up at the Camden gluten free fair – nice review. :)


    • Issi says

      Ahh I wish I got on better with gluten free oats! Oatcakes are a winner.

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