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Cote Brasserie’s Gluten Free Christmas Menu *


*This meal was free for review purposes from Côte Brasserie. I have dined at Côte on my own dime plenty of times, and would not write about it unless I was happy to recommend to fellow coeliacs.

In many restaurants, the ‘gluten free options’ are meals with an element missing; a burger without a bun, a salad without croutons or a roast without gravy. The same cannot be said for UK chain Côte Brasserie. Their gluten free meals are as good as anything ‘regular’ on the menu, probably due to the fact that there is not a lot of difference between the two. There are always plenty of gluten free options and you don’t feel like you are having a ‘lesser’ meal than anyone else.

I was therefore very happy when Côte invited me to come and review their gluten free Christmas menu. I visited the Bath branch with my friend Sian, and we enthusiastically got to work.

Image result for cote brasserie bath

the Bath branch where we ate – lovely and cosy at night. Photo courtesy of Cote Brasserie.

For those that don’t know, I have had some previous involvement with Côte Brasserie. Last year, I was invited to dinner with the CEO. Myself and a handful of other gluten free bloggers sat around a table in Soho and talked about what makes a great coeliac dining experience. We talked about what we love to see on a gluten free menu and how Côte could improve their gluten free offering, a bit like a coeliac focus group. I was really impressed at how interested they were in safely catering to us. The wife of Côte Brasserie’s CEO is coeliac, so he had a genuine understanding and wish to improve things.

I have eaten at Côte several times since on my own £ (their pre-theatre menu is a bargain), and have been really happy to see that they have implemented some of our ideas from this session. It is somewhere that I feel comfortable eating at, which is not an easy or common thing for a coeliac.


sample of their gluten free christmas menu – link to full menu below.

So, to the food. (Apologies in advance for the rubbs pictures – it was dark and I have a prehistoric iPhone)

We started with a goats cheese crottin for me, and a prawn and avocado cocktail for Sian.


warm goats cheese with some kind of delicious coating, served with apples, walnuts, spinach and raisins. Also known as ‘FODMAP surprise’. Delish, though.

We both had duck confit a l’orange for main.


I LOVE it when restaurants have proper gluten free gravy and sauces.

For pudding, I had the dark chocolate mousse, Sian had the creme brulee.


Chocolate mousse + wine = the dream.

Oh, and a fair amount of french wine. :)

The food was lovely. Good quality french bistro food. I particularly enjoyed the goats cheese, and the dark chocolate mousse is a favourite. I always find the service good at Côte, but this time the staff were extra attentive – perhaps because they knew I was a blogger ;). They lose one point for having fruit salad as one of their three gluten free dessert options. ‘YAY, another fruit salad!’ – said no coeliac, ever. (#fruitisnotapudding). In general though, I think their gluten free offering is great.

I would say that though their Christmas menu is lovely, it is not dissimilar from their normal menu. If you want to try the gluten free food at Côte Brasserie at a cheaper price, I would recommend going at lunch or pre-theatre (£10.95 for two courses – boom)*. If however, you are going as part of a festive work/friend outing, it is a really great gluten free Christmas option. You can view Côte’s gluten free Christmas menu in full here

Many thanks to Côte Brasserie for inviting me to try their new menu, we had a really enjoyable meal.

Issi x

*This meal was free for review purposes from Côte brasserie. I have dined at Côte on my own dime plenty of times, and would not write about it unless I was happy to recommend to fellow coeliacs.

*This price applies in restaurants outside of London, inside London it appears to be £12.50 for two courses.

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  2. I also ate at Cote recently – we were booked somewhere else but got moved from our own room to the busy pub downstairs at the last minute, not good. We had to find somewhere else and ended up in Cote and we all had a fab meal, lots of us and only me a Coeliac. Several real foodies in the party and we all thought the meal was very good value with reasonably priced wines. It’s soooo nice to find a good value chain that really understands Coeliacs, I shall be recommending them to everyone.

    • Glad to hear you liked Cote too, Hugh! That’s something I really like about it – you can eat there without worrying that it won’t be up to scratch for your non-coeliac dining companions. :)

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