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Bath Gluten Free Fair: 5 Ace Brands


I love food fairs in general, but I love gluten free fair’s most of all. They are THE place to discover new products, catch up with the latest in the coeliac and gluten free community, and perhaps most importantly, sample delicious 100% gluten free foods. Here are the brands that most excited me at Bath & West Wiltshire Coeliac Society’s recent gluten free fair.

1. Gingerella


are a fledgling gluten free company, only a few months old. They are based in Manchester and sell freshly baked gluten free cookies. Their gluten free cookies are properly big and squidgy. Not weirdly hard, not crumbling into dust, not ‘cookie’ with a side of sawdust. Yum. The flavour combinations are amazing – it’s like they’ve peeked inside my head and seen all my favourite things. Chocolate and orange. Pistachio and white chocolate. CHOCOLATE and chocolate. Refreshingly, they don’t claim that their gluten free products are healthy, ‘clean’ or better for you, they are simply good quality indulgent products made by a coeliac. Essentially, I want to throw my money at them.

2. The Gluten Free Gourmet van

Gluten Free Gourmet is a great little Somerset-based van serving hot gluten free food, including gluten free cornish pasties (see below – so good). It is still rare to find gluten free pasties (though perhaps not for much longer now that West Cornwall Pasty Co are getting in on the gluten free act).


But, I digress. It’s a pleasure to order from an outlet where everything is gluten free, where there is no confusion or worry about cross-contamination. It is also great to find gluten free food that is hot, savoury and hearty – not another flimsy cupcake or ‘clean-eating’ salad. I would be very happy to see this van at an event – go on and book them!

3. G&D Free


G&D Free is a shop in Keynsham (near Bath and Bristol) which sells gluten free, dairy free and vegan foods. I have run into them at a couple of shows, and have been really impressed with their gluten free selection. They sell products that I consider the best of the GF bunch (e.g. Glutamel bread, Schar pizza bases, Bionita gnocchi), that can often be harder to get hold of in the supermarkets. I haven’t visited their physical shop yet, but I always love to see what they have on offer at the shows. They do some interesting looking gluten free food (and beer!) subscription boxes and bundles in their online shop.

4. Green’s Beers

At the London Allergy and Freefrom Show, my non-coeliac boyfriend enjoyed Green’s gluten free beers so much that he bought himself a couple of bottles to take home. The same thing happened again when I brought my Dad to the Bath show. We came home with a couple of bottles of the Dry Hopped Lager. He also liked the Pilsner. It is a mark of a really good gluten free product when people who don’t ‘have’ to choose them, do.

5. Christine’s Puddings

Christine’s are one of those freefrom brands that you don’t see in supermarkets or online shops. It’s a shame that their products are not more widely available because they do some lovely stuff. Their veggie gluten free tarts are very tasty, and the perfect size for lunch. This year, they were also doing a gluten free sticky toffee pudding. OBVIOUSLY, I had to buy it. You can buy a select few of their products online, or check out their busy event schedule to buy in person.


A cheeky extra mention for Thornley’s (bottom middle-right) for making a gluten free product I have never seen before – gluten free worcester sauce! I am intrigued to try it.

Hats off to the team of volunteers from the Bath & West Wiltshire Coeliac Society who put this event together. The stalls were much easier to navigate this year as an extra tent had been added, and there was no queuing, huzzah!

Did any of you make it to the Bath coeliac fair? What were your favourite finds?

Issi x

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