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Beautiful Lake District

Holiday Holy Grail : Gluten-free Fish and Chips!

Until recently, fish and chips was one of those meals I had simply accepted that I could not have. When staring longingly at my family’s newspaper-wrapped parcels, I didn’t dream that one day I would be able to walk into a chippy and get a perfectly crisp, salty and deliciously greasy portion of my own. This year I took a trip to the Lake District, and found the holy grail. GF FISH AND CHIPS!! Before I went, I did my usual thing of Googling and asking around on various GF forums, to find a few safe places to eat. I find it very easy to pick up GF food in London but still get a little anxious about visiting new and far-flung places, so like to do my research. I found this article, which tells of one fish and chip shop’s change to gluten-free production. The Cottage Kitchen in Kendal now uses rice flour for all their batter, a move that they made mostly because it actually tasted better. That it is now safe for …