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La Polentaria (1)

La Polenteria – 100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Soho, London

Another addition to the Gluten Free in London food map, La Polenteria. I’ve been meaning to visit La Polenteria for yonks, but having been away from London (I’ve been camping out in lovely Bath) it’s been difficult to sample as many places as I would like. I finally bit the bullet when I won a voucher to eat there at last year’s Allergy Show. I took it as a sign that the universe wanted me to eat (even) more gluten free Italian food. The Food The food is Italian with a twist; polenta, otherwise known as cornmeal, serves as the base for most of the meals. Having endured several disastrous polenta-themed meals as an exchange student in France (I think polenta was the only gluten free thing my host-mother knew how to cook *memory vom*), I have not been polenta’s biggest fan. However, since my FODMAP ordeal, pickiness over food is a luxury I cannot afford. I am now game to try pretty much anything. I was happy to find that though polenta is ever-present …

manna dew

Manna Dew – 100% Gluten Free Patisserie in London

There’s a new gluten free patisserie in town. I say new – Manna Dew has been around for about a year and a half, but tucked away in less touristy South London, it is a bit lower on the radar than gluten free favourites like Beyond Bread and Artisan Gluten Free Bakery.  I first visited when the team invited me to come and sample their menu (#livingthedream), and have since been back several treat-filled times. I wanted to share it with those gluten free folk who may not have discovered it yet. Here's to deliciousness served fresh. Everything is #guaranteed #glutenfree . Our cakes are primarily sweetened with natural sweeteners. Tarts, Cheesecakes and Specialty Creations. Indulge yourself! #glutenfree #artisan #patisserie #sw11 #glutenfreebaking #glitenfreelife #healthy #delicious #battersea A photo posted by Manna Dew Cafe ( on Mar 2, 2016 at 4:52am PST The Food The food at Manna Dew is 100% gluten free, and also free of refined sugars. Originally developed by an ex-Laduree chef, the menu is full of Mediterranean-influenced delicacies. One of my readers likened it to Helmut Newcake in Paris. …

niche restaurant

Niche – 100% Gluten Free restaurant in Clerkenwell, London

Niche is a 100% gluten free restaurant in London, an independent haven for coeliacs serving ‘Best of British’ food. Located just down the road from Sadler’s Wells, Niche is nestled in one of London’s loveliest and poshest neighbourhoods. I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I read Wandering Gluten Freely’s rave review, and I finally managed it a couple of weekends ago with my friend Mel. The Food Deep fried gluten free things are still a novelty to me. As such, I feel duty-bound to try them all. I had the ‘NFC’ (Niche Fried Chicken). “Free range buttermilk chicken coated in millet flour spiced crumb, with aioli & BBQ dips”. It was divine. The basket is deceptively small-looking – you actually get a lot of fried chicken for your £. I love ketchup and mayo as much as the next person, but it made the meal a bit more special to have homemade sauces. I had a basic side salad with the chicken (not pictured), which was fine. Mel went for a Chicken Burger with Superfood Salad instead of a bun …

Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery, Islington = ‘Artisan Gluten Free Bakery’?!

This weekend I paid a flying visit to Islington to go to Stylist Live, a groovy lady event curated by Stylist Magazine. I used this as a handy excuse to make not one, but two visits to Romeo’s Bakery on Upper Street. I last wrote about Romeo’s a whole year and a half ago. I’ve always liked their products, but have found the prices ridiculously high in the past (£6 for a loaf of bread – um, no). That, and the service can be a bit ramshackle. That said, I always try and pop in when I am in Islington, because hey, it’s a gluten free bakery! And it’s lovely for a treat. So I was walking along Upper Street when… Wait! Wherefore art thou Romeo’s?* It turns out that Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery has had something of a makeover. Wha?! I was feeling nosy, and asked a member of staff what had happened. They said that the bakery has changed hands. It no longer comes under the ‘Romeo’s’ umbrella (Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery is – I …


Beyond Bread: A Gluten Free Bakery in Central London!

It just about made my life when I found out there would be a gluten free bakery opening less than 5 minutes walk from my office. Beyond Bread opened just a few weeks ago, and thus far seems to be getting positive reviews in the gluten free community, for good reason. I’ve popped in a few times to test samples and buy treats, and these are my impressions so far. LOCATION  Beyond Bread have picked a great location; a little shop in Charlotte’s Place, which hits the west end sweet spot between the hordes of office workers with lunch money to burn and the tourists drifting off Oxford Circus. There is space to sit in. This could be a nice place to recuperate after the shopping assault course that is Oxford / Regent Street. THE FOOD So far I have tried the baguettes (they rival the Gluten Free Baking and Living ones – very good), the dark chocolate brownie (almost more cakey than a brownie, but whatevs, it’s delicious), the cinnamon swirl (YUM). One lunchtime soon I would like to sit in …

Romeo’s Bakery, Islington: It’s Open!

The Hype The gluten-free community has been waiting a long time for Romeo’s Bakery. Excitement has been building ever since we first caught a glimpse of the stunning pastries and patisserie goodies on their website. My original post about Romeo’s is the most visited page of all time on this blog, and there have been countless threads on the gluten-free forums asking well…what is going on?! I have a source, a close friend who lives just across from Upper Street and has been giving me regular updates on Romeo’s progress. She told me excitedly that Romeo’s was finally open, and she had gone in and been given a free scone to sample, and did I want one too, and when was the soonest I could visit?! The Cafe Romeo’s had been open for just a couple of days when I arrived, and the staff were outside offering samples of bread and drumming up business. Romeo’s is located in the middle of Upper Street, a  thriving place full of independent shops and eateries. Romeo’s sits inbetween Highbury & Islington and Angel station, …


Brixton: Vozars, a new gluten-free haven

Now this is a campaign I can get behind. Nick McNally and Martin Vozar want to open a completely gluten-free cafe/deli/restaurant in Brixton, serving up a selection of ‘mouthwatering European food’. Mmmm. The guys have a Kickstarter type page to help fund this project, and have some lovely extras thrown in when you donate – Celia lager, WAGfree cakes and even gluten-free cooking lessons with Martin. I really hope this venture takes off as it sounds like they will create a genuinely lovely place not only for those of us avoiding gluten, but for the general population of Brixton.


Romeo’s Gluten-Free Bakery – OH GOOD LORD

Romeo’s Gluten-Free Bakery – OH GOOD LORD It’s September 30th, 2013. It can’t be too much longer until Romeo’s Gluten-free Bakery finally opens (I’m not counting down the days or anything…). The photos on the website look so good, I am genuinely considering moving to Islington to be within walking distance. We have had the wonderful WAGfree bakery in London for a while, (and I have been really happy to see their cakes in Selfridge’s recently, as I don’t make it down to Brixton very often), but it will be fantastic to have what looks to be the complete gluten-free experience available so centrally on Upper Street. What’s more, as the bakery will be 100% gluten-free, it should be a safe haven for coeliacs. A friend of mine lives nearby, and is under strict instructions to call me as soon as Romeo’s Bakery opens its doors. From the website: ‘Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery will soon be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving coffee, sweet treats, salads, sandwiches and savoury dishes.’ *salivates* P.S. They’re hiring!