My Criteria for Eating Out as a Coeliac

I consider very carefully whether or not to recommend restaurants or cafes to fellow coeliacs.

Unless you are eating at a 100% gluten free place, there is always an element of risk, and each person has their own standard of what feels ok to them.

For me, I have to be reasonably confident that the staff ‘get it’ – that they understand what ‘gluten free’ means and that the risk of cross-contamination is minimal. The gluten free option(s) also have to be good – not just ‘good for gluten free’.

No matter how careful I am in my recommendations, however, experiences do vary. You might come into contact with a less knowledgeable member of staff, menus may change, places may go up or downhill. Please bear this in mind and always do your own research to ensure that you have the best experience possible.


Earning money is not and has never been my primary motivation for blogging (and frankly, I wouldn’t recommend going into blogging if it is) but hosting a blog like this is unfortunately not free! Small things like this help pay for the running costs and time I devote to Gluten Free in London. I have chosen methods that do not compromise the integrity of the content I publish, and hopefully will not affect your reading experience too noticeably.

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From time to time, I may collaborate with brands on a consulting basis or to produce sponsored content on this blog or my social media accounts. It is rare for me to do work like this and I only accept if the freefrom product / event / shop / restaurant is one that I personally like and would be happy to recommend to a friend, I think the content will actually be interesting to my readers, and I have time outside of my day job to do it.

A post that is paid-for is clearly marked with a “#sp” in the title and a written disclaimer at the beginning of the post.

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If I am recommending a product that I have enjoyed (e.g. gluten free groceries, a book) then I sometimes include an affiliate link.

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Free samples

I sometimes accept free products or experiences if I think they will be of interest to me and my readers. If I use them in a post, I declare that I have received them free of charge (see my Soothe Food post for an example) and will give my honest opinions. 90% of the time, I write about things I have paid for myself.

Thankyou for your understanding,

Issi x