My name is Issi.

I am a food-loving twenty-something who has been eating gluten free since before it was cool.

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease as a child, and have lived with it (mostly) happily and healthily for 24 years.

I’ve also eaten a low-ish FODMAP diet for the past few years due to some gut health issues.

I live and work in London, aka gluten free capital of the world, and enjoy sampling the city’s coeliac-friendly restaurants and cafes as often as possible.

I also travel a lot and love to share my gluten free finds from around the globe.

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When I am not eating/writing/thinking about gluten free food, I love reading, watching Rupaul’s Drag Race and backpacking around Europe.

Happy eating!

Issi x


  1. Antonio says

    Love your blog! My wife and I will be visiting London in July this year. She’s on a Low-FODMAP diet, but she’d like to eat out as well. Would you know of any places that cater to the diet? You wrote about Soothe Food in 2015 — any other places that caught your attention since then? Thanks!

    • Issi says

      Hi Antonio, I’m so sorry I missed your post before! I haven’t come across any more low FODMAP places to eat out specifically, but there are some food product companies springing up such as Fodify and Lauren Loves. I am lucky that I now know which triggers to avoid and can tolerate most things in moderation. Hope you found somewhere on your trip! Issi

    • Hi Julia! The swoffles look great! :) Do drop me an email (glutenfreeinlondon at gmail dot com) if you would like to discuss potentially working together.


  2. Jeanie Anderson says

    Hello, We will be visiting London in 3 weeks. My family will be going to Leaveston to see the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Warner Brother’s Studio. My daughter and I both have Celiac Disease. Do you know if they have anything gluten free to eat there or in the area.

    We will be in London for 5 days and are staying on Charring Cross Road/Leicester Square. Can you reccomend some restaurants that would be safe for us to eat gluten free at? (My kids are 12 and 18.) We are traveling from Texas.

    Do you know if there is anything gluten free to eat at Heathrow. We will be in Terminal 5.

    I appreciate any information you can give.
    Have a great day.
    Jeanie Anderson

    • Hi Jeanie,

      I’m afraid I’ve never visited the Harry Potter exhibition, Leaveston or Heathrow Terminal 5 so can’t advise on those, you may have more luck posting in some of the UK gluten free or coeliac groups on Facebook for a range of views. (e.g. ‘Gluten Free and Me’ or ‘Coeliacs in the UK’)

      Happily there are lots of places to get gluten free food in central London. :)

      Leon, Carluccio’s and Pizza Express are all good chains that have a substantial gluten free menu and cater to kids. Beyond Bread is a 100% gluten free bakery near Goodge Street station which is great for lunch or a sweet treat. (I did a post about it if you scroll down a bit…) Honest Burger does great gluten free burgers and beer, but depending on branch and timing may not be so child-friendly.

      Hope you have a great trip!


  3. I’ll be in London (from Melbourne) for May/June 2015 and wanted to know what the nicest and easily purchased GF sliced bread that can be bought in supermarkets like Sainsbury’s/Tescos etc seeing as they’re everywhere. We will be staying in South Kensington. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Marnie, for easily purchased and generally reliable gluten free bread I would recommend looking out for the Genius brand. They do several varieties of white / brown / sliced bread and rolls. Marks and Spencer do some really nice gluten free breads. I would also recommend trying some of the freshly baked gluten free bread from WAGfree in Brixton market, or from Beyond Bread near Oxford Circus, or Romeo’s Bakery in Islington. :) Enjoy your trip! Issi

  4. Do you know if lidl own make snaktastic crisps are gluten free in large bag they have 6 of each flavour plain, salt n vinegar, cheese and onion and prawn cocktail
    thanks for any information

    • Hi Janette, I don’t I’m afraid – do you have a photo of the ingredients? I’ll keep an eye out for them next time I shop. x

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  6. Amber B. says

    I will be visiting London for a few days (August 28-31), and would love to hear what are your must-eat places. Most on a budget, but some for indulgence.

    • Hi Amber, I have actually been thinking of writing a post for tourists / visitors to London, thanks for reminding me! Check back for a proper post on this, but for now I definitely recommend checking out Leon, Vozars/the WAGfree bakery in Brixton market, and Carluccio’s has a reliably great GF menu. If you click the ‘eating out’ tab in my categories on the right, you can see a few of the other places I’ve visited. :)


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