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Sainsbury’s Meal Deal rage

Sainsbury’s have got my goat. Once in a while, I pop in to buy a meal deal for lunch. I have previously enjoyed the fact that I could do so; how normal it felt to be part of the hordes of office workers and simply go get a sandwich. The £3 limit made it affordable. So I was rather cross when I noticed a few weeks ago that the gluten-free options appeared to have been removed from the meal deal. This was one of the few areas in which I wasn’t paying extra for the gluten-free version. So, annoyed when I couldn’t pin down a member of staff instore, I emailed a complaint to head office. This is the reply I received. Huh? I dropped in again to check. There were two varieties of GF sandwich on the shelves, not three, and only one of them had a label. It was not labelled as being part of the meal deal, and the remaining sandwiches were shoved in a corner amongst the sandwiches for normals, making …


The Promised Land: WHOLEFOODS.

Wholefoods is fast becoming a favourite of mine. The chilled out and homely atmosphere, the luxury organics, and most of all the great selection of gluten-free foods. It is way too pricey for the weekly shop, but Wholefoods is lovely to pop in for a treat. The Piccadilly branch is open until 9pm so if like me you are often in town after work, it can be convenient for finding a quick meal on the way home. There is a tempting array of pre-cooked meals, with a secret canteen upstairs. The store is a model for aspirational living, aimed at the busy, well off and health-conscious. Wholefoods stocks some of my favourite products that you don’t always see on the high street – Amisa pizza bases, Bakery on Main granolas, almost the full range of Montezuma chocolates. The big supermarkets will generally have cheaper GF options, but for these especially good things I am willing to make the trip and pay that bit extra (though still not £4.50 for a loaf of bread – looking …