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Camden Market Gluten Free Festival 2016

Just a quick post to let you know that Camden Market Gluten Free Festival is happening again this year on the 14th and 15th May, and if you are in or around London you may want to put it in your diary. You can read about my experience at last year’s festival here. Click the link below for more info from the organisers! FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE Issi x Sign up for your FREE printable Coeliac Guide to Eating Out Gluten Free in London * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name

jam tarts

Silly Yak Pastry: Easy Gluten Free Baking

I love baking. I love reading beautifully illustrated cookbooks and blogs, fantasizing about how amazing everything tastes, and pretending that I am the kind of person that whips up a cake on the reg. However. I don’t actually do a lot of baking in real life. I find that gluten free bakes can get complicated. To mimic the texture and taste of ‘normal’ baked goods, you often need to use extra ingredients like gums and powders, or a mix of different flours. After a tiring day at work, ain’t nobody got time for that! Happily, I have found some great gluten free ‘shortcut’ products recently which make the baking process quicker and easier. The first of these is Silly Yak gluten free pastry. (photo courtesy of Finally, a readymade gluten free pastry that works! I have been wanting to make gluten free pies, pastries and tarts forever, but found previous readymade gluten free pastries pretty lacking. I made two very easy things with my block of Silly Yak’s. First, a savoury pie with a spinach, feta and tomato sauce filling. I …

I mentioned earlier this week that Celia were putting on a launch party for their new gluten free lager, and thought I’d share a few snapshots from the night!

Celia + Melt: A little photo diary of the Celia Dark launch party

I mentioned earlier this week that Celia were putting on a launch party for their new gluten free lager, and thought I’d share a few snapshots from the night! Celia is a gluten free beer brand, whose Celia Lager is one of the most widely stocked and popular varieties of freefrom beer. The launch was for their newbie, Celia Dark, which is similar to their original beer, but as the name suggests, a darker flavour, with a ”burnt caramel aroma’. The launch was held at the Melt chocolate shop in Holland Park. In a pretty cool and innovative move, Celia and Melt collaborated on some wonderful chocolatey, alcoholic creations for the night, all of which were gluten free!  There was beer + dark chocolate ganache (pictured, above), french macarons, caramels, cocktails, chocolate buttons…who knew that beer and chocolate were so complementary? I am not usually a huge fan of beer, but I was willing to give Celia’s a go. Celia Dark was actually the most palatable gluten free beer I’ve tried (and the only one I’ve finished a whole …

Free #glutenfree beer, you say?

Attention, gluten free Londoners! CELIA lager are launching a new flavour of gluten free beer, and are holding a delectable-sounding, 100% gluten free event in London to celebrate. CELIA lager describe their new creation, CELIA Dark, as “a beautiful Czech beer with a burnt caramel aroma”, with hints of coffee and rye bread. I’m not generally a beer drinker, but they sure know how to make it sound good. CELIA are teaming up with Melt London to give the evening a chocolatey twist…don’t read any further if you’re hungry… “First we’ll explore buttery caramel, you’ll enjoy wonderfully rich MELT caramels – chose from delicate vanilla or zingy passionfruit! Next, we’ll titillate your tastebuds with bitter coffee in our delicious Dark dessert cocktails. Then we’ll guide you through a CELIA Dark and chocolate tasting featuring delights from Ecuador and Madagascar, including a devilishly dark 100% chocolate. After we’ll tempt you with a chewy bite of chocolate heaven from our macaroons with CELIA Dark ganache, then, last but in no way least, you’ll finish on sweet high thanks to a limited edition exclusive, …


Beyond Bread: A Gluten Free Bakery in Central London!

It just about made my life when I found out there would be a gluten free bakery opening less than 5 minutes walk from my office. Beyond Bread opened just a few weeks ago, and thus far seems to be getting positive reviews in the gluten free community, for good reason. I’ve popped in a few times to test samples and buy treats, and these are my impressions so far. LOCATION  Beyond Bread have picked a great location; a little shop in Charlotte’s Place, which hits the west end sweet spot between the hordes of office workers with lunch money to burn and the tourists drifting off Oxford Circus. There is space to sit in. This could be a nice place to recuperate after the shopping assault course that is Oxford / Regent Street. THE FOOD So far I have tried the baguettes (they rival the Gluten Free Baking and Living ones – very good), the dark chocolate brownie (almost more cakey than a brownie, but whatevs, it’s delicious), the cinnamon swirl (YUM). One lunchtime soon I would like to sit in …