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Silly Yak Pastry: Easy Gluten Free Baking

I love baking. I love reading beautifully illustrated cookbooks and blogs, fantasizing about how amazing everything tastes, and pretending that I am the kind of person that whips up a cake on the reg. However. I don’t actually do a lot of baking in real life. I find that gluten free bakes can get complicated. To mimic the texture and taste of ‘normal’ baked goods, you often need to use extra ingredients like gums and powders, or a mix of different flours. After a tiring day at work, ain’t nobody got time for that! Happily, I have found some great gluten free ‘shortcut’ products recently which make the baking process quicker and easier. The first of these is Silly Yak gluten free pastry. (photo courtesy of Finally, a readymade gluten free pastry that works! I have been wanting to make gluten free pies, pastries and tarts forever, but found previous readymade gluten free pastries pretty lacking. I made two very easy things with my block of Silly Yak’s. First, a savoury pie with a spinach, feta and tomato sauce filling. I …

Genius pastry and pie launch

Genius are launching a new range of gluten-free pastry and pies, HOORAH! The brand seem to be listening to what coeliac and gluten-free dieters want, and making products that fill a savoury gap in the market. This is a launch I am especially excited about as gluten-free pastry is a) very tricky to make from scratch and b) totally unavailable on the supermarket shelves in recent times (whatever happened to Dietary Specials pastry?) The new Genius range includes puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, chicken and gravy pies and steak pies. MmmMMM. Hannah over at Gluttonous and Gluten Free has posted about her first time using the pastry, including photographs of her own sausage rolls made from the pastry. They look great, and as she points out they even flake! The pastry is priced at £2.50 in ASDA which though not cheap, is in my opinion reasonable as GF products go. I will be scouring my local ASDA for these products and will post a review as soon I give them a go!