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2015: Gluten Free Highlights

What a year for gluten free food. I’ve seen a noticeable increase in gluten free options when eating out in London and Bath, and this year I’ve had the chance to try several previously unobtainable foods (gluten free Chinese food! Doughnuts! Cannoli! Apple pie! Danish Pastries!). I ate the best gluten free food of my life on holiday in Sicily, and for 6 months I worked just 3 minutes walk from a wonderful gluten free bakery. Living the dream. Though there is a way to go before coeliacs can truly eat out safely (cross-contamination is still an issue) I’ve been able to eat out mostly pain-freely in 2015, and feel that the eating out experience is improving for us. On a personal level, I’ve finally got my head around the FODMAP diet, and feel well the majority of the time – a big improvement from where I was a year ago. I wanted to share a few of my personal highlights from the gluten free world in 2015 – the most exciting foods, and the experiences that I enjoyed most of all. I hope you’ll …


Gluten Free in Sicily – Coeliac heaven in Marina di Ragusa

You might imagine that pizza and pasta-loving Italy wouldn’t be very coeliac-friendly, but Sicily was the easiest gluten free holiday I’ve ever had. Back in June, my boyfriend David and I set off for Marina di Ragusa, Sicily, armed with my coeliac restaurant cards, emergency snacks and a list of gluten free restaurants. We needn’t have worried. In Sicily, I didn’t once have to explain what gluten was. I didn’t feel like I had to apologise for ‘bothering’ staff about gluten, or explain that I wasn’t a fad dieter when asking about cross-contamination. Even though my Italian is rudimentary at best, I barely needed to use my Coeliac translation card. 99% of the time, all I had to do was mention that I was ‘senza glutine’ or ‘lo sono celiaco’, and staff would nod in recognition, and point me to exactly the things that I could eat. It seems that the ‘gluten free fad diet’ hasn’t made it to Sicily; when you ask for gluten free, the assumption is that you have a medical need for it. It was awesome. David …