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Gluten Free in Sicily – Coeliac heaven in Marina di Ragusa

You might imagine that pizza and pasta-loving Italy wouldn’t be very coeliac-friendly, but Sicily was the easiest gluten free holiday I’ve ever had. Back in June, my boyfriend David and I set off for Marina di Ragusa, Sicily, armed with my coeliac restaurant cards, emergency snacks and a list of gluten free restaurants. We needn’t have worried. In Sicily, I didn’t once have to explain what gluten was. I didn’t feel like I had to apologise for ‘bothering’ staff about gluten, or explain that I wasn’t a fad dieter when asking about cross-contamination. Even though my Italian is rudimentary at best, I barely needed to use my Coeliac translation card. 99% of the time, all I had to do was mention that I was ‘senza glutine’ or ‘lo sono celiaco’, and staff would nod in recognition, and point me to exactly the things that I could eat. It seems that the ‘gluten free fad diet’ hasn’t made it to Sicily; when you ask for gluten free, the assumption is that you have a medical need for it. It was awesome. David …