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LIDL: A Gluten-free Guide

Lidl is not an obvious place to find gluten-free food. There is no Freefrom aisle and no stocking of the typical gluten-free brands, but if you look closely there is a surprising amount of gluten-free choice. It is also very, very cheap. Here is a breakdown of my coeliac-friendly finds thus far. Fruit & Veg Bargain avocados. Bags of organic shallots and punnets of plum tomatoes for under a pound. Albert Rooster potatoes and sweet potatoes in bulk. Surprising items like starfruit and physalis. Apples, bananas, clementines, root vegetables at super cheap per kg prices, resulting in a double take (in a good way) when you get to the till. Dairy Greek Yoghurt – Lidl do a good, thick greek yoghurt. Not as good as Total, but a decent budget version. You can get a 1kg tub for about £1. 24 Month aged parmesan – I read about this on the Skint Foodie blog, and had to try it for myself. It is now one of my regular buys, and at £2something half the price and just as good as the one …