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The Low FODMAP Diet + Coeliac Disease: Two Years On

It’s now been two whole years since I started on the low FODMAP diet, a medical diet used to treat IBS symptoms. You would think that one special diet would be enough, but in my case, the strict gluten free diet did not solve everything. Just when I thought I had the whole coeliac thing figured out, I started to get ill again. Daily upset stomach, pains and fatigue. Regular unexplained symptoms that were similar to those of coeliac disease, but which made little sense as I knew I was sticking to the gluten free diet. Apparently, this is not uncommon. ‘20-30 % of coeliac patients on a gluten free diet still have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms’, according to one study*, and the low FODMAP diet is now a recommended treatment. (Read about my experience getting diagnosed, and the low FODMAP meal ideas that helped me to stay sane.) I thought it would be interesting to check in a couple of years down the line, share with others in a similar boat what I have learned, and hopefully …