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Let’s Do Lunch: 8 Places to grab a Gluten Free lunch near Oxford Circus.

Working or shopping near the tourist maelstrom that is Oxford Circus? Beginning to develop a thousand yard stare? Preserve your sanity by treating yo’self to lunch. There are so many restaurants, cafes and pop ups near Oxford Circus that you could literally eat something different each day, but I thought I would share my tried and tested gluten free lunch options. I have been working just a few minutes away from the craziness for the last 6 months, and despite the fug of pollution and more tourist-induced-tutting than I care to count, I have actually really enjoyed getting to know the Soho and “Noho” areas in my lunch break. These are my favourites. 1. BEYOND BREAD This gluten free bakery/cafe is my top recommendation for any coeliac visiting London – you can read my glowing review here – their premises are 100% gluten free so there is no need to worry about cross-contamination, and their products are just fantastic. They serve things like gluten free quiche and gluten free danish pastries that you simply don’t find anywhere else. For lunch, I favour a …


M&S have done it again. For years they have consistently led the way in the supermarket freefrom stakes. From their incredible cherry chocolate cake, to their gf sausagemeat stuffing, fishcakes made with gluten-free breadcrumbs and GF rolls in the M&S cafe, Mark’s and Spencer have always gone the extra mile to make tasty gluten-free equivalents to their ‘normal’ food. They have also always had very clear allergen labels on their own-brand products, for which I award them a gold star. This year they are upping their game even further by introducing a 70 piece gluten-free party platter for Christmas, full of delicious-sounding gluten-free goodies such as chicken kievs and bacon lollipops. [All credit for discovery to Sharon on this gluten-free forum I frequent!]. This looks just as good as their gluten offerings and at £27.50, while not really a bargain it does not seem to be priced any higher than their other platters. Joy to the world!