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Soothe Food: Gluten Free & Low-FODMAP Supper Club in South London*

Gluten free oatcake stars with lactose-free cream cheese & smoked salmon. Served with a pomegranate & prosecco cocktail. Inset: little pack of seeds to grow at home. *Disclaimer: Soothe Food kindly invited myself and a friend to come and try their supper club for free. My opinions are my own. Please have a read of my Disclaimer Page. ———————————————————————————————————- I am happy to say that I have ticked one of my new year’s resolutions off the list. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of dining at the Soothe Food gluten free and low-FODMAP supper club. What is Soothe Food? A specialist supper club. Restaurant-quality cooking served up in a cosy home in South London, with a menu that is entirely gluten free and Low-FODMAP; suitable for coeliacs, IBS sufferers and normal folk too. Like a really fancy dinner party with strangers. The concept may seem odd, but our host Emma was warm and welcoming, and made us feel like we were over at a (super-talented chef) friend’s house. Once the cocktails were flowing, there was no awkwardness. It was actually a pleasure …