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A Wholefoods reminder: Gluten-free store tours

…Remember that y’all can take a gluten-free tour of the store at your nearest Wholefoods branch! I have never seen any other shop offer this, and think it is a nice welcome for coeliacs and gluten-free dieters. It is especially useful in Wholefoods as their gluten-free products are scattered in amongst the ‘normal’ food, and it can be easy to miss the specialist products. I haven’t been on the tour myself (I think I’ve spent quite enough time perusing the aisles) but imagine that this will be useful for those new to gluten-free shopping.

New place to shop: Wholefood’s in Richmond

There’s a new Wholefood’s in town! I was more excited than most normal people would be when I heard that Wholefoods were opening a store in my nearest shopping area. Richmond is a lovely place to visit anyway, and now there is a place bang in the centre to stock up on gluten-free goodies. I have visited a few times now, and they have a great selection, huge shop space and clearly labelled gluten-free everything. I took my parents there a few weekends ago and they were awed by the sheer variety and size of the foods. On our visit they were even giving out free samples! We had some cheese and wine, which made the afternoon’s shopping a very pleasurable experience. The one downside is the crowds. Wholefoods seems extremely popular amongst the Richmond residents (it handily comes with parking and proximity to Waitrose for the rest of the posh shopping!) and even though the store is big, when busy it feels a little cramped, and the layout is such that that the people-traffic …

Link to Perkier!

Perkier! Bread – Worth £4.50?

I did it. I caved. I had a moment of weakness in the new Wholefoods in Richmond (more on that later) (never go shopping when hungry), and decided to just try it and see if it’s worth the £. To recap: Yes, it is £4.50. For a loaf of bread. Yes, that seems like a ridiculous price in comparison to ‘normal’ bread, but it is only fair to take into account that this is a small company using expensive gluten-free ingredients – GlutenfreeB wrote a really informative post on why gluten-free food is expensive. I digress… I bought it, I ate it, I loved it. The bread had a gorgeous texture and taste; springy yet soft, and delicious warmed and spread with salted butter. I have to say that although my favourite is still the WAGfree cob, the Perkier! loaf comes a close second. I love that bread, traditionally the worst area of gluten-free foods, is finally getting some taste and recognition. The Perkier! loaf is lasting me about a week, taking into account that …