Gluten Free London, Where to Shop
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The Promised Land: WHOLEFOODS.


The Promised Land

Wholefoods is fast becoming a favourite of mine. The chilled out and homely atmosphere, the luxury organics, and most of all the great selection of gluten-free foods.

It is way too pricey for the weekly shop, but Wholefoods is lovely to pop in for a treat. The Piccadilly branch is open until 9pm so if like me you are often in town after work, it can be convenient for finding a quick meal on the way home.

There is a tempting array of pre-cooked meals, with a secret canteen upstairs. The store is a model for aspirational living, aimed at the busy, well off and health-conscious.

Wholefoods stocks some of my favourite products that you don’t always see on the high street – Amisa pizza bases, Bakery on Main granolas, almost the full range of Montezuma chocolates. The big supermarkets will generally have cheaper GF options, but for these especially good things I am willing to make the trip and pay that bit extra (though still not £4.50 for a loaf of bread – looking at you, Perkier!)*.

Gluten-free foods can be found in amongst the rest of the foods, which can make the products a little tricky to spot first time, but Gluten-Free Tours are offered (what a great idea!).

For a special meal (or if you just wanna treat’ yo’self) there are all sorts of yummy things on the deli counters too.

I still love my local independent wholefood shop most of all (Olivers Wholefoods in Kew Gardens) but for pure luxury and convenience, Wholefoods is a new staple.

* Do let me know if you have tried Perkier! bread and it really is worth £4.50…

P.S.  Not strictly related to gluten-free living, but the health and beauty hall upstairs is also quite wonderful. It stocks a mix of natural and organic products, including quite a few brands that you don’t usually see on the high street.  In a genius move they have included a dressing table with seat and mirror to play at!