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Disappointing cake.


Disappointment. I stopped at Selfridge’s on the way home tonight, hoping to get a tasty half price bargain at the gluten-free counter. (protip: go to the food hall an hour before closing for 50% off GF cakes and pies!) I saw this cute little banana loaf sitting all forlorn and red-stickered on its own, so I thought I would give it a chance. I had never tried anything by Peace of Cake London before, but assumed the quality would be good as it was being stocked in poshland aka Selfridge’s. Imagine my surprise when I bit into the driest, most tasteless banana bread I have ever eaten. It smelt quite strange too, sort of like banana bread crossed with Play Doh. Admittedly it was on the sell by date so it may not have been in perfect condition, but still…I expected more. I don’t want to badmouth the brand, because I have only tried this one product and their others might be great (there were little pistachio bites and Italian biscuity things which looked good), but I wouldn’t purchase this again. I always want to like gluten-free start-ups but as with ‘normal’ food, I’m not going to buy or recommend the product if it doesn’t taste good.

If you are taking a trip to Selfridge’s, I highly recommend the delicious WAGfree range, which can also be found in their original bakery in Brixton.

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