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Helen’s Brilliant Scone Mix – The Fat Odyssey


Helen's Brilliant Scone Mix - The Fat Odyssey

I had been tempted by Helen’s mixes for a while, and when I found a Helen’s Brilliant Scone Mix on offer in Sainsburys*, I couldn’t resist. I made a batch of very easy, very tasty scones, that my gluteny friend M declared tasted exactly like normal ones.

Helen’s recipe is very simple, and would be a great start for a baking novice. You simply add buttermilk and egg to the mix, knead into a dough and pop on a tray, into the oven. Just over 10 minutes to bake, so a lovely quick treat. The mix makes a decent amount of scone, just enough to have a few to share and a few for you.

I ate mine with a scrape of M&S butter, and some delicious plum jam that I found in Oliver’s Wholefoods.

My gentleman friend D insisted that scones need to be covered in raspberry jam and clotted cream, and made us a batch of his own so we could try.

I am on a fat odyssey. It is bloody delicious.

*NB – Last time I looked, there were many Hale & Hearty mixes half price too. Obv, I stocked up.