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Bath: Gluten-free Afternoon Tea at the Pump Rooms

Gorgeous views of the Roman Baths

The Pump Rooms are a Bath institution. Built in the 1700’s, they have been home to Jane Austen characters, high society locals and countless tourists…and most recently; myself, my mum and my sister. The three of us went for afternoon tea this weekend, and had a lovely time pretending to be posh. (We could get used to this.)


We sat at a table almost looking over the Roman Baths, with the afternoon sun streaming through the huge Georgian windows and glancing off the crystal chandelier. A pianist played gentle classical music in the background, and the feeling was one of refinement and celebration. It is a place for a special occasion.

We ordered a selection of food to share rather than the specified afternoon tea set menu, and found that a few dishes between us was enough for a light tea and snack. If you are so inclined however I can’t think of many better places to go for the full indulgent cream tea.


I was pleased to see there was a separate gluten-free menu with an entirely reasonable amount of options – including handmade sandwiches, cake and scones. I can’t find this menu online but here is a link to the full gluteny menu to give you an idea.

I opted for some warm, buttered cheddar cheese and chive scones, washed down with some loose leaf Earl Grey and a slice of lemon. My mum and sister shared a plate of gluteny sandwiches, and we all dipped into a selection of sweet treats – including a raspberry macaron and a chocolate basket filled with glazed fruit and vanilla cream which were gluten-free.

The food was delicious. It wasn’t cheap, with a pot of tea at circa £3 and a (smallish) plate of food starting at around a fiver, but for the beautiful atmosphere and treatiness of it, we were happy to pay that bit extra. In comparison to Claridge’s and co., it is almost a bargain!

Gorgeous views of the Roman Baths    Gorgeous Bath stone in the sun

I was lucky enough to grow up in Bath, and still return often to see my family and friends. I will keep this blog updated with any Bathonian GF finds, and hope that I will have occasion to return to the Pump Rooms soon.

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