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Holiday Holy Grail : Gluten-free Fish and Chips!

Beautiful Lake District


Until recently, fish and chips was one of those meals I had simply accepted that I could not have.

When staring longingly at my family’s newspaper-wrapped parcels, I didn’t dream that one day I would be able to walk into a chippy and get a perfectly crisp, salty and deliciously greasy portion of my own.

This year I took a trip to the Lake District, and found the holy grail. GF FISH AND CHIPS!!

Before I went, I did my usual thing of Googling and asking around on various GF forums, to find a few safe places to eat. I find it very easy to pick up GF food in London but still get a little anxious about visiting new and far-flung places, so like to do my research.

I found this article, which tells of one fish and chip shop’s change to gluten-free production. The Cottage Kitchen in Kendal now uses rice flour for all their batter, a move that they made mostly because it actually tasted better. That it is now safe for coeliacs is a lucky bonus. My family and I visited Kendal for a day and stopped at The Cottage Kitchen for lunch, pictured below.


I ate fish and chips and mushy peas. It was everything I had ever dreamed of!!

The batter was light and crisp, the fish was good quality and the chips and mushy peas were tasty too. It was a nice touch to also be given gluten-free bread and butter as a side (instead of having to bring my own) and the staff were knowledgeable about contamination. The meal also came with a cup of tea. Very traditional, very filling. If I remember rightly it was around the £5 mark each (for the whole meal and drink and bread).

My non-coeliac family also enjoyed their GF fish and chips and said it compared well with their favourites. We sat outside and watched the world go by. I only wished that I had had room to try one of their homemade gluten-free cakes too.

A side note: On our trip we discovered a rather lovely supermarket called Booths (a chain which has never made it down south for some reason) which had a good range of gluten-free foods and lots of other tasty treats.

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