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Kensington: The Good Life Eatery

I happened to be walking through Kensington on Monday evening. I happened to amble to my destination rather than follow the directions given to me by Google Map.

I happened to walk past The Good Life Eatery of Sloane Avenue.

My eyes were drawn, magnet-like to several little handwritten signs saying ‘gluten free!’ ‘gluten free!’


I stopped. I saw the cakes. I went in.

The Good Life Eatery had quite the gluten-free selection. As well as the delectable-looking cakes in the window, there were savoury meal options and hot drinks and what seemed to be their signature; fresh juices. I admit it had the slightest air of pretentiousness (named ‘eatery’ rather than the standard ‘cafe’; charging £4.75 (£4.75!!!!) for a slice of cake) but it had a warm and inviting atmosphere, and looked like a lovely place to while away a few hours with a favourite book.

I was sorely tempted to spend my evening there but I had a place to be and was frankly a tiny bit put off by the prices. I hope to find it again serendipitously on a day when I have some time (and money!) to spend, and will fully indulge before wandering over to South Kensington Books to pick up my next big read.

If I hadn’t stepped off the tube a stop early and walked off the main path, I would never have stumbled upon this cafe. A pleasant reminder that we sometimes find gluten-free treasures in the most unexpected places.


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