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Ilumi – The new ready meal

One of my favourites...


Ilumi pouches are a tasty quick fix. They are ready meals that don’t taste like ready meals, microwaveable in under 3 minutes yet full of flavour and goodness. They taste close to (if not as good as) home-cooking, and are not only gluten-free, but nut and milk-free too.

Ilumi have found a genius way of preparing and sealing their meals that does not involve unnecessary preservatives or require them to be kept in the fridge or freezer (I have an ‘Emergency GF Supplies’ box for mine). The pouches usefully have long expiry dates (over a year in my experience) so you can do a big shop once in a while and stock up.

Rather than trying to engineer allergen-free versions of ‘the real thing,’ we create delicious dishes which are naturally safe for people with food allergies.’ – copyright Ilumi website

I like the fact that they focus on what delicious ingredients they can put into their meals, rather than what they have to take out. I believe the key to enjoying eating a gluten-free diet is experimentation and innovation to find new ways of cooking, rather than the copycat approach many freefrom brands seem to adopt, creating poor imitations of ‘normal’ foods.

From the company:

‘We cook all our meals ourselves – from scratch – and package them here as well. We don’t outsource or have a complicated global supply chain: what leaves here was made here, not assembled elsewhere. We use the best quality ingredients from British suppliers, so we know exactly where everything comes from.’ – copyright Ilumi website

I think these meals could be great for several groups of people:

  • Newly-diagnosed coeliacs or those undertaking exclusion diets who are having trouble with gluten-free cooking
  • Elderly or disabled coeliacs who may not be able to manage much food preparation
  • In general and in my case, for busy people who want an easy meal once in a while

The pouches range from £1.00 to £3,75, and include various rice and sauces as well as full meals. You can often get them cheaper, my most recent email offer from them (after signing up) was this:

You can spend £25 on ilumi, and we’ll send you a banquet worth over £20!

Considering the usual cost of a decent ready meal or takeaway and the quality of the Ilumi food, I think the prices are quite reasonable. I am happy to support such an innovative and interesting allergen-free brand.

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