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Perkier! Bread – Worth £4.50?

Link to Perkier!


I did it. I caved. I had a moment of weakness in the new Wholefoods in Richmond (more on that later) (never go shopping when hungry), and decided to just try it and see if it’s worth the £.

To recap:

Yes, it is £4.50. For a loaf of bread.

Yes, that seems like a ridiculous price in comparison to ‘normal’ bread, but it is only fair to take into account that this is a small company using expensive gluten-free ingredients – GlutenfreeB wrote a really informative post on why gluten-free food is expensive.

I digress…

I bought it, I ate it, I loved it.

The bread had a gorgeous texture and taste; springy yet soft, and delicious warmed and spread with salted butter. I have to say that although my favourite is still the WAGfree cob, the Perkier! loaf comes a close second. I love that bread, traditionally the worst area of gluten-free foods, is finally getting some taste and recognition.

The Perkier! loaf is lasting me about a week, taking into account that I eat a couple of slices on average once every other day. I have been using quite generous slices (it does not come pre-sliced) so mileage may vary.

I think I probably will repurchase, but as a treat/ when I can’t get hold of lovely Brixton bread.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.



The bread is available to buy exclusively in Wholefoods at the time of writing.


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    • It does seem ridiculous in comparison to the ‘normal’ stuff! I try to think of these things as treats and alternate them with cheaper stuff.

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