Coeliac Disease
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I bet he loves gluten

Paul Hollywood has just alienated a huge chunk of Bake Off fans. His ill-informed comments about coeliac disease have angered the coeliac community, and have been spread around gluten-free forums, Facebook groups and the blog community.

The baker stated that he is ‘skeptical about this whole coeliac thing’ and seemed to suggest that people are often misdiagnosed and should buy better bread as a solution.


First of all, I would have hoped that as someone who works with food, he would have at least a passing knowledge of food intolerances and allergies.

Second of all, WTF?!? Does he think that people eat a gluten-free diet for fun?

Although you can (and I do) eat very well on a gluten-free diet and there are many fantastic products available now, it is not the easy or cheap option, and given the choice, I imagine most would rather not have to worry about what they eat.

Paul, if you’re reading, please take a look at the Coeliac UK website (yes, an actual charity for all those fake coeliacs /sarcasm) and educate yourself about the distinctly un-fun symptoms and possible complications of coeliac disease before passing comment again.

I really hope that his remarks do not add to the misconceptions about the gluten-free diet, and would encourage all coeliacs to post along similar lines to counteract this idiocy.


  1. Very frustrating! Hopefully if enough people correct him with the facts about coeliac disease, the misconceptions won’t spread.

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