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New favourite: Homemade Gluten-free Pizza


Toppings: tomato paste and pesto, mozzarella, chopped basil.

I made a fantastic pizza. Not too soggy, not too hard, not too small (why do GF companies think that coeliacs don’t want a normal-size pizza?) and perfect amount of crunch. Mmmmm.

I used Isabel’s Pizza Base mix, which I have long been a fan of but have increasingly found difficult to source. Most of their high street stockists are located in the north of England (I was unreasonably excited when I found some in a little health food shop in the Lake District) but if like me you are in the South, you can now buy it online at Ocado, Asda and Amazon!

The things I love about Isabel’s pizza bases are the stretchiness (how often have I seen ready made supermarket pizza bases that are already broken in the pack?), the great taste and texture, and the fact you can make your pizza(s) as big or small as you like. I find so many gluten-free pizza offerings bland and floury-tasting (and tiny!), but this is the real deal.

Interestingly, Isabel uses a lot of cassava flour, influenced by her native Brazil:

‘Cassava flour is one of our main ingredients. It was actually my experience with this ingredient and instinct for creating new cassava blends that inspired the Isabel’s range. The resulting dough has a versatile strength and elasticity, and it proves you don’t need wheat to make good dough.’ copyright Isabel’s

This pizza does require a bit more effort than the ready made bases, but actually getting a PROPER PIZZA out of it makes it all worthwhile. The instructions are simple and you only need to add egg, oil and water to make the dough. Once you get the hang of it the process can be done fairly quickly.

Isabel’s has several other interesting-looking products that I hope to check out, the doughballs look particularly scrummy. I really like that the company is bringing something a bit different to the gluten-free market (cassava flour, who knew?) and the way her products promote good old-fashioned home cooking.

Cooking Tip: Minimise moisture in the toppings to get the best result.


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  4. I agree about the stretchy quality of Isabel’s Pizza Base and I’d like to perfect my cooking of it. However, I can’t eliminate the tomato topping soaking into the base and making it go soggy. I’ve used the least wet tomato puree I can find but the problem persists. How can stop the base from absorbing the moisture and going yukky?

    • Hi Dave, I try and minimise the moisture as much as possible – I use a mix of tomato paste and green pesto, and squeeze as much of the wateriness out of the mozzerella as possible. You could also try a less wet cheese such as feta…I don’t know the perfect solution unfortunately, but I still prefer the slight occasional sogginess to the cardboard-ness of some of the other bases!

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