Gluten Free London, Where to Shop
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A Wholefoods reminder: Gluten-free store tours


…Remember that y’all can take a gluten-free tour of the store at your nearest Wholefoods branch! I have never seen any other shop offer this, and think it is a nice welcome for coeliacs and gluten-free dieters. It is especially useful in Wholefoods as their gluten-free products are scattered in amongst the ‘normal’ food, and it can be easy to miss the specialist products. I haven’t been on the tour myself (I think I’ve spent quite enough time perusing the aisles) but imagine that this will be useful for those new to gluten-free shopping.


    • Hi Carol, this Wholefoods is located in the centre of Richmond, near to Waitrose. I used to live in Kew but an now in the Clapham area. Issi

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