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Gluten-free comfort food

Yesterday evening was one of THOSE evenings. Long day at work. Bastard commute home. Too-tired-to-care- ever-so-slightly-ill-just-keep-walking-till-you-hit-bed. The thought of conjuring a meal from the meagre selection in my cupboard (rice, rice, lentils, rice) made me want to cry. When I passed a Waitrose, the ‘fuck it’ button went off in my head and I bought the following gluten-free-haul to make myself feel better.


For my tummy:

Belvoir Elderflower Cordial
Dove’s Farm Gluten-free pasta
Waitrose Sugo ai Carciofi Artichoke pasta sauce
Burnt Sugar Crumbly Fudge
Apfel-Mango fruit puree

For my mind:

Absolute Aromas ‘Equilibrium’ essential oil blend (Bergamot, Frankincese, Rose) for my oil burner.

All of this went down very well with my massive duvet and back-to-back episodes of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

What gluten-free bits do you buy to treat yourself?

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