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Supermarket in the Spotlight: Marks and Spencer

M&S have been on FIRE with their gluten-free offerings lately. I am consistently impressed with the quality and taste of their foods, and really appreciate their efforts in creating gluten-free products that are actually desirable and good enough to be part of their normal range. Though the prices can be a little high, M&S provides innovative GF options that are simply not available anywhere else. Click here for their dedicated page for coeliacs – how many other supermarkets have one of those?

A couple of products I have been enjoying lately:


Gluten-free Cod Fishcakes – around £1.79 for 2.*

Fantastic product and one which I have repurchased several times now. They require little effort, you literally chuck them in the oven and leave them to cook. They are lovely with chips, mash, boiled or steamed vegetables. I think these would be a good stealth introduction to fish for coeliac children who are a bit nervous of eating it (if they are anything like I was), as with the mashed potato and breadcrumb coating they don’t taste overwhelmingly ‘fishy’, just yummy. My non-coeliac gentleman friend confirmed that these taste as good as the normal version.

Pork Stuffing (all flavours)- around £2.99 for one pack serving 4-6

M&S stuffing is a staple in my house at Christmas, and I was overjoyed when they finally became gluten-free and I could join in the fun. I brought two of these to a recent Thanksgiving dinner, and they tasted like pure meaty joy – succulent and full of festive flavour. These are also a great easy dish as again, you just need to chuck them in the oven. They even come prepared in a ready-made oven tray. Good old M&S.


Their Christmas range is in stores now and looks intriguing; I haven’t given any of it the taste test yet but I love how they have included the gluten-free versions alongside the ‘normal’ ones. It is great to see gluten-free foods so prominently placed.


Though M&S unfortunately don’t have a full online food shop, you can order selected gluten-free goodies here. It is all quite indulgent, and the prices seem higher than instore. There is some plain cray cray stuff like the cake that is MADE OF CHEESE (CHEESE? CAKE?! Peter Kay voice) and some of it appears to be in bulk rather than individual items (18 Aberdeen Angus burgers for example). I would recommend trying to find your nearest big store and having a mooch around. There is a list of all their non-gluten-containing products here too (all 51 pages worth!).

Overall, I think M&S does really well across the board at providing gluten-free options. The company has made a conscious effort to make their delicious range of ‘normal’ products gluten-free where possible, and introduce an alternative where not. Their Made Without Wheat range has some lovely products, and the things they have made gluten-free (through using GF breadcrumbs for example) do not suffer for it. Other supermarkets could learn a lot from their approach.

5 Stars!

*the prices aren’t listed online so I’ll double-check next time I’m in a store!

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