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Cooking: 5 yummy Gluten-free Pastas

Gluten-free pasta used to be best described as ‘claggy’, ‘rubbery’, or ‘bleh’. It turned the water a funny colour and made the pan into a foamy mess, and was only available on prescription. Thank the lord, gluten-free pasta has improved since then and has become widely available. Every supermarket and their mum has brought out a version. Pasta became my staple dish as a student, and is still my go-to for a quick and delicious meal.  Here are my tried and tested favourites.

Heinz Pasta – £1.50 – £2.00 for 500g

A decent range made from corn, potato and lupin flour, I particularly favour the slim penne. This is one that I keep repurchasing. FYI, it is 20-50p cheaper in ASDA than other supermarkets at time of writing.

Dove’s Farm Maize and Rice Pastas – £2 for 500g

Dove’s Farm is an enduring classic gluten-free brand. Their products in my experience are reliably good; they are not ridiculously expensive and their pastas, flour mixes and breakfast cereals are stocked in the Freefrom aisle of most supermarkets (many places online too). Their gluten-free pasta range includes Penne, Ditalini, Spaghetti, Pipe Rigati, Fusilli, and also a few options made from brown rice.

Waitrose Freefrom Pasta – £1.99 for 500g

Waitrose is one of the few supermarkets whose Freefrom range I actually enjoy, and their pasta is no exception. Reasonably priced (for gluten-free pasta!) and quick to cook. Available to buy instore, or on the Waitrose or Ocado websites.

La Buona Vita Pasta – £2.00 for 500g

An Italian brand! This one takes a little longer to cook, but it is the real deal – if anyone is going to make a good pasta, it’s the Italians. I have never seen this one in the major supermarkets, but it is available on Ocado and somewhat randomly, in the lovely Italo deli in Vauxhall.

Farmo Pasta (used in the GF pasta dishes at Carluccio’s) – £2.95 for 500g

The posh stuff. Made from maize and rice flour, this pasta sits beautifully with the delicious sauces served up at Carluccio’s. I have to confess that I haven’t tried cooking with it yet, but on taste and texture alone it is in a league of its own. Available to buy on the Carluccio’s website.