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In the news: ‘Fake-food’ and food labels

As a coeliac, the recent news regarding the the proliferation of ‘fake-food’ worries me. This article from The Guardian details various horrid (barely) edibles including ‘meat emulsion’ and ‘cheese analogue’ that are secretly added to our food, but what really bothers me is the claim that a third of food products tested in a West Yorkshire sample, were incorrectly labelled. A third. 

People like me who have coeliac disease rely on food labels. I check the label of every single thing I eat. Every day. For life. I need food companies to label their produce honestly and accurately, so that I can minimise risk to myself by avoiding gluten, which as readers of this blog will likely know, is like poison to coeliacs.

Although the article doesn’t specifically mention gluten, it does make you wonder how much you can trust food labels, especially as wheatflour is an ingredient that is often used to bulk out cheaper processed products. This is purely my speculation; I would be interested if anyone knows anything more about this.

The article names no names, but I will be keeping an eye for further updates. It does somewhat reinforce the old saying, that with food you get what you pay for.

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