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Senzala Creperie : Brixton Village Market


I seem to be on something of a crepe roll recently, appropriately as Shrove Tuesday (AKA Pancake Day!) is fast approaching.

I have visited Senzala Creperie a few times now and it is fast becoming a favourite.

They make savoury crepes (gallettes) out of naturally gluten free buckwheat flour, and serve them up in this cute little Brixton Village cafe, a relaxed oasis in the midst of the bustle of Brixton.


Yes! Lunch with my darling gentleman D.

The gallettes are just the right amount of filling, with a tempting selection of toppings ranging from a full english breakfast (oh what a hangover feast!) to veggie favourite The Goat, a yummy mix of goats cheese, caramlised onions and tomatoes.


English Breakfast. See the little edges of bacon poking out?


The Goat. Choc-full of goats cheese and veggie goodness.

They also offer fab cocktails and have a happy hour early each evening. I am a particular fan of their Kir Royale.


Taken on a previous night-time rendez-vous

The food and drink is reasonably priced at between £5 – £8 for a gallette. They also do sweet crepes which I haven’t tried, as they are made with wheat flour…I wonder if they would do them on a buckwheat base? It is not a contamination-free zone, but I haven’t had a problem so far. Handily you can also get a gallette to takeaway, something I have made use of for work lunch on occasion.


Watching the world go by.

Brixton Village market is one of my most-treasured corners of London; I love the creative and independent spirit, and over the years is has slowly evolved into a thriving food paradise.

There are many offerings for coeliacs and gluten-free dieters, some of which I have covered previously on this blog. Honest Burger and Vozars (which has a WAGfree bakery stall outside) are both well-worth a visit. There is also a little Italian cafe which does the most excellent flourless chocolate cake.

A lovely place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon / hangover brunch, with a selection of little boutiques and vintage shops to browse when you’re full.


Brixton Market Cat


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