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The Green Rocket : GF AND Veggie in Bath


I am a big fan of vegetarian food done well. I have little truck with people who insist that a meal is not a meal without meat. I love when vegetarian eateries go above and beyond to prove the naysayers wrong, and The Green Rocket truly banishes every bland, tofu-laden preconception. I have been spending my Easter holidays nestled in the family home in Bath, and yesterday Mum, Sister and I paid a visit.


Following in the footsteps of Bath’s beloved Demuth’s restaurant (sadly no longer around, now reincarnated as a vegetarian cooking school), The Green Rocket serves quality, inventive and above all tasty vegetarian food. Happily they have also made the menu very coeliac-friendly, with most of the menu either gluten-free or with a gluten-free option available. (Vegan-friendly too, for those interested). They even serve gluten-free bread and beer! This is how restaurants should be.


I was impressed with their awareness of what exactly gluten free meant. As the coeliacs amongst you will know, some restaurants are all mouth and no trousers where gluten free options are concerned, and are not really aware of issues like cross-contamination. Though I didn’t get to find out about The Green Rocket’s cooking processes, I was assured by the fact that everything on the menu was clearly labelled (with either a GF (gluten free) or GFO (gluten free option available), the gluten free cakes were kept in separate containers on the counter, and when I queried flour being used in the cooking, our waiter knew what he was talking about.


He also told us how they had been sure to track down a gluten free baking powder to use in their baking as gluten can be a little-known ingredient in certain brands, and we even witnessed a delivery of the classic GF Doves Farm flour!


The food itself was delicious. Quality ingredients and freshly cooked. Mum and I both had the mezze (a selection of Mediterranean type dishes including baba ganoush, beetroot puree, falafels, sweet curly carrots, minted quinoa etc), and mine came with two slices of gluten-free bread. I think it was the same Dietary Specials one we had at the Hummus Bros launch, but it was much improved here; perfectly lightly toasted and flavoured with oil and a touch of something else. As I said in the Hummus Bros post, not the best GF bread in the world in my opinion, but in this case they had made it work. I was impressed with their attention to detail with the mix of flavours and textures of the food, and our plates were a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

For pudding we shared a peanut blondie (imagine a peanut butter brownie) and a slice of the beetroot chocolate cake (dark and rich without being overwhelming. Mmm). Lovely stuff.


The Green Rocket has a nice relaxed atmosphere, and is a great spot for a leisurely lunch in Bath. We found the service a little slow, but the food and atmosphere was so enjoyable that we didn’t mind too much. The pricing was around £7/8 for a main, around £2/3 for a dessert.

No website currently, but you can find them at 1 Pierrepont Street, Bath BA1 1LB or on Facebook and Twitter.








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