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Breakfast hero products : Gluten, wheat and oat free!

Traditionally a meal given to the most gluteny delights (pastries! cereal! toast!) breakfast can be a bit of a minefield for coeliacs, especially if like me, you cannot tolerate gluten free oats. Thankfully there are a few hero products here to save the day. All of the below are gluten, wheat and oat free, and flipping delicious.

Eat Natural Gluten Free Toasted Muesli with Buckwheat or with Vine Fruit – £3.00 for 500g

Readily available in the Freefrom aisle, not ridic expensive (well, as gluten free foods go), and you can make the packets go a long way. Though both versions are nice, I prefer the buckwheat. Pair with plain greek yoghurt.

Bakery on Main Gluten Free granolas – £3.89 for 340g

These are my current favourite, though my wallet is not thanking me. They are expensive, but they are the tastiest gluten free muesli I’ve found. You can find them on Ocado, or instore at Wholefoods.  You can also order them in bulk from Drossa Ltd. Pair with plain greek yoghurt.

9 Bars, Original Flavour – £1.90 for 4 x 40g

I mentioned these before in my GF snacking post; these are what I grab if I don’t have time to eat a proper breakfast, and need to eat on the bus / at my desk. They are a good solid energy boost. Pair with a mug of strong builders tea.

Sainsburys Rice and Buckwheat porridge – £2.69 for 450g

As far as I’m concerned, porridge is the perfect hearty winter breakfast. I was very happy to find an oat-free alternative. Pair with delicious honey from The Hive Honey Shop in Clapham.

Genius Pain au chocolat  – £1.80 for two

Yes yes you could get ten normal ones for the same price, but these pastries from Genius are divine. To put it into perspective; in 21 years of being coeliac, these are the only pastry product I have continually repurchased. Light and flaky, with gooey chocolate inside, just make sure to warm them up in the oven. Pair with a genteel rooibos tea.

Doves Farm Chocolate Stars – £2.25 for 375g

For those times you just need to eat kids cereal and forget about the calories. These are readily available in larger supermarkets and health food shops. Pair with whole milk and Disney films.


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  1. A quick note on the Eat Natural range – there’s a third flavour that includes ryebread crumbs and is definitely not gluen free, but the packaging style is almost identical. It’s often placed on the GF shelves in supermarkets as it catches the shelf-stackers out too.

    For a breakfast fry-up, keep an eye out for the gluten free blackpudding from the Bury Blackpudding Company, it goes really well with a slice of GF square sausage from Heck.

  2. Sarah says

    Ooooh I really want the Genius pastry one *_* I’ve never seen them on sale before, but I’m definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for them 😀

    I usually get the freefrom porridge too – although I’ve mostly been using it to make meatloaf. But once in a while I get a craving for a bowl of hot porridge and honey. Also, chocolate stars are definitely the best :)

    • They sell the Genius pastries in ASDA, they are just lovely :) I do wish I could tolerate GF oats as oaty porridge is so satisfying, but the rice & buckwheat one is a pretty good replacement. :)

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