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Beyond Bread: A Gluten Free Bakery in Central London!


actual choice of sandwiches!!

It just about made my life when I found out there would be a gluten free bakery opening less than 5 minutes walk from my office. Beyond Bread opened just a few weeks ago, and thus far seems to be getting positive reviews in the gluten free community, for good reason.

I’ve popped in a few times to test samples and buy treats, and these are my impressions so far.


nearest station Goodge Street, also easily walkable from Oxford Circus

Beyond Bread have picked a great location; a little shop in Charlotte’s Place, which hits the west end sweet spot between the hordes of office workers with lunch money to burn and the tourists drifting off Oxford Circus. There is space to sit in. This could be a nice place to recuperate after the shopping assault course that is Oxford / Regent Street.


So far I have tried the baguettes (they rival the Gluten Free Baking and Living ones – very good), the dark chocolate brownie (almost more cakey than a brownie, but whatevs, it’s delicious), the cinnamon swirl (YUM). One lunchtime soon I would like to sit in and try the quiche. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything.



Hats off to whoever is behind the Beyond Bread logo / bags / t shirts / badges designs. It all adds up to a nicely professional and thought out brand. Too often gluten free foods are packaged in a bland or vaguely medical looking way; hopefully the clean, arty design will help them stand out to the general public as well as coeliacs and gluten free dieters.




As you would expect with a gluten free bakery, it isn’t cheap, but neither is it ruinously expensive. It is more reasonable than Romeo’s; you can get something nice to try for under £2, and can buy a sandwich for just a bit more than you’d pay in Pret.



If you are a gluten free person living in London or visiting on your hols, I would absolutely recommend checking out Beyond Bread. Gluten free treats this fresh and good are a rare find.


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  1. Lena says

    It defintely IS Paradise on earth! My boyfriend and I just spent the past six days in London and we went to have breakfast there every single day. I do not need to eat gluten free, but boy is everything good in there! We even got sandwiches to go for during the day. They are still going strong and the owner apparently is rolling the thought of expanding internationally. Don’t take my word though. However, Switzerland will be waiting impatiently! Or we simply go back to visit :-)

  2. JaydeeNL says

    Can you tel me if they have also dairy free? I have both allergies. I’m traveling from Holland to London this week and would love to eat Some fresh Bread.

    • Hi Jaydee, I believe they have some dairy free options, but it will be best to drop the bakery an email to double check :) Issi

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  5. Kath Phethean says

    Looks like a Coeliac’s heaven. Will definitely try next time I’m in London. Just wish they were all over the country.

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