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Have you seen the Gluten Free range in Lidl?

My review of the new gluten free range at Lidl, plus a few updated product recommendations. :)

A while back I did a post about all of the yummy naturally gluten free things you can find at Lidl, and it has by far been one of my most popular posts. I can only assume this is because lots of people, like me, are tired of spending 3 times the usual price on gluten free basics and are more than ready for some cheaper options.

As part of one of their weekend ‘specials’ recently, Lidl started stocking Kelkin gluten free products, including some familiar faces (jaffa cakes! teacakes!) and some that were new to me, like pasta, lasagne sheets and biscuits. Apparently these products have been stocked in the Ireland for a while, but have yet to fully make it over to our shores.

my haul.

It was such a pleasure to see a proper gluten free range in Lidl. I bought a small haul of jaffa cakes, lasagne sheets and pasta. The pricing was about £1.20 per item for these three, which may not be as good as the cheapo ‘normal’ versions, but is considerably cheaper than the usual price of the gluten free version. There were also several varieties of flavoured rice cakes and corn cakes, a tomato sauce, gluten free oat porridge, muesli and cookies. By no means a complete gluten free range (where was the bread?) but a pretty good selection. One product especially worth looking out for are the chocolate teacakes, which are almost £4 in Tesco usually, and were under £2 in Lidl.

via mysupermarket.com

As ever with Lidl, it is luck of the draw as to what you will find, and you may have to wade through thermal underwear, reindeer steaks and horse-riding equipment to find it. *(note: the best thing I ever found in Lidl: an actual weaving loom)

I’ve repurchased all of the products pictured above. The Kelkin pasta has taken over Heinz’ gluten free pasta in my affections, the lasagne sheets worked perfectly well in my roasted veggie lasagne, and I was glad to note they are not those annoying ones that need pre-soaking. The jaffa cakes are an old favourite of mine, and were scoffed with immediate effect.

It’s great to have a high street supermarket stocking decent gluten free products at an almost normal price, even if it is (sadly) possibly only temporary. Well worth seeking out while stocks last – in short: Get thee to a Lidl!


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P.S. At the time of writing, Lidl are saying that this is a one off, and will not be a regular addition to their range…but wouldn’t it be great if it was? You can write to Lidl here to tell them that there are coeliacs and gluten free dieters who will buy this stuff.

P.P.S. By the by, a few recent gluten free favourites at Lidl.

Mediterranean sharing (ha!) platter. OH MY. So, so good, All of my favourite things – cheese, posh hams, olives, sun-dried tomatoes without the usual high price tag.

Fairtrade Milk chocolate. This is the closest thing to Lindt milk chocolate I’ve found (Lindt doesn’t guarantee any of their products are gluten free any more, sadly).

French goats cheese, Greek feta and posh Italian mozzarella. I live. I am a cheese fiend and these are all regular buys for me – cheaper and nicer than the equivalent at ASDA.

Fresh Olives stuffed with almonds. *dribbles*

Gluten and Wheat free linseed packs. While not the most exciting product, I’ve found these really useful for upping fibre intake with minimal effort (heyyyy IBS followers). I sprinkle a spoonful or two over a bowl of fruit and yoghurt, or porridge. The Lidl packs are half the price of similar products from health food shops.


  1. Come on lidl skegness and mablethorpe get with the times there are a lot of people out there dasperate for wheat and gluten free products not for fad diets but for health reasons get ahead of the rest and get with wheat gluten free .and make my daughter and i even happier shoppers at lidl and only one shop shopping

  2. Sylvia says

    Hi there,
    The last time I was in London (earlier this year) – I was surprised to see the lack of GF products in Lidl/Aldi. I’m from Ireland & we have a good selection of GF Lidl/Aldi own brands all the time. The range is growing – yesterday GF flour arrived in my local Aldi, much cheaper than other stores.
    So, if have not got these in store yet – push for them!

  3. Ohhh, the fun I had in Lidl when I discovered they have gluten free in stock! My husband very kindly bought me some teacakes (SOOO good, aren’t they!?!), although not jaffa cakes (boo!), and he also found me a range of chocolates they do that are gf. Hazelnut chocolate, dark chocolate with raspberry pieces (weird but incredible) and milk and dark chocolate sticks with mousse in them. Come on Lidl, make gluten free a permanent fixture and I’ll be able to shop there a LOT more often!

    • Ooh I have to find the dark chocolate with raspberry pieces, that sounds delicious! Their Fairtrade milk chocolate is great too. Absolutely agree, at the moment I have to go elsewhere for staples like GF pasta and flour, but if I could get that in Lidl alongside my fruit & veg I’d be giving them a lot more business! x

  4. Great post. I stocked up with a LOT of the gluten free Lidl Surprises. As well as scoffing all the sweet treats, I’ve found the Kelkin Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce is tasty as a base sauce for pizzas.

    • It’s been such a great offer! The tomato sauce did look good, if I wasn’t avoiding onions/garlic currently I would have tried that too. :)


  5. I’ll have to get myself down to Lidl sharpish. Hope they continue to have them in stock. Some different things here to the usual range too

    • Yes, I wish it was part of their permanent collection! Maybe if enough coeliacs & gluten free folk get in touch Lidl might reconsider…:)

  6. It would be handy if they did the basics like pasta flour & bread so I didn’t have to do two shops. We liked the spaghetti & the Jaffa cakes but the tea cakes were too sickly sweet & the chic chip biscuits ‘ floury’ tasting. Lido customer services are great for letting you know what of their ordinary range is gf, while they don’t publish a list they’ll reply with a yes or no if you send them a list. We get most of our weekly shop from there as a result.

    • Hi Kat,

      I agree that it would be great even if they just did a few regular staples – like you I do (at least) two shops, as I can’t get everything I need from one shop alone! V. time-consuming. Good to hear that Lidl customer services are helpful RE gluten free questions.

      Issi x

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