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Herman ze German: Gluten free wurst in Soho!

Fancy some gluten free wurst on the cheap in Soho?

I have long been looking for an excuse to visit Herman Ze German. Their amusingly phallic logo and excessive use of Germany-themed puns have given me many a quiet lol on walks through town, and when my friend S texted a while back to tell me that they serve gluten free sausages (don’t you love when friends see a gluten free thing and think of you?) that sealed the deal.

The time finally came last Friday, when my boyfriend D and I were inbetween work and a night out, looking for somewhere relatively cheap and quick (and of course gluten free) to get dinner in Soho. Herman’s wacky signs and cheap wurst lured us in.

The Food

D and I both ate Bratwurst with fries, with the addition of German beer for D (no gluten free beer unfortch, they did have wine and soft drinks). Their sausages are all gluten free and lactose free (and made by somebody called “Fritz”, according to their website :D). They do not guarantee zero cross-contamination as they serve gluten-containing things; this is a fairly common disclaimer in UK restaurants. Top marks for an easy to understand allergen menu – click the image below to go to their full webpage.


Even though it is fast food rather than table service, I was impressed with the staff – I asked a few different members of staff questions about gluten and all of them not only knew what I was talking about, but were switched on and quick to help. They have an official list behind the counter of which items on the menu are gluten free to put your mind at rest.

Price £

I paid just over a fiver for my dinner of Bratwurst and fries (the server put it through as currywurst) which is pretty damn reasonable for a filling meal in Soho.


Upstairs (street level) was a little hectic, downstairs was cosier and a little more relaxed. It was busy and buzzing on Friday evening, but there were still spaces to sit, with quite a fast turnover.

Would I recommend it? 

Yes, with the caveat that it is fast food rather than fine dining, so as long as you’re fine with that! Cool, no frills place to grab a quick dinner and drink with friends, and good value for money.

You can experience the magic of Herman ze German in several locations around Central London, we visited the one on Old Compton Street. Check out their website and Twitter for more info and excessive pictures of sausages.


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    • Heehee glad I’m not the only one who finds it amusing 😀 Vikki, you’re in luck…they do veggie wurst! Issi x

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