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Free #glutenfree beer, you say?

say hello to…CELIA Dark

Attention, gluten free Londoners! CELIA lager are launching a new flavour of gluten free beer, and are holding a delectable-sounding, 100% gluten free event in London to celebrate.

CELIA lager describe their new creation, CELIA Dark, as “a beautiful Czech beer with a burnt caramel aroma”, with hints of coffee and rye bread. I’m not generally a beer drinker, but they sure know how to make it sound good.

CELIA are teaming up with Melt London to give the evening a chocolatey twist…don’t read any further if you’re hungry…

“First we’ll explore buttery caramel, you’ll enjoy wonderfully rich MELT caramels – chose from delicate vanilla or zingy passionfruit! Next, we’ll titillate your tastebuds with bitter coffee in our delicious Dark dessert cocktails. Then we’ll guide you through a CELIA Dark and chocolate tasting featuring delights from Ecuador and Madagascar, including a devilishly dark 100% chocolate. After we’ll tempt you with a chewy bite of chocolate heaven from our macaroons with CELIA Dark ganache, then, last but in no way least, you’ll finish on sweet high thanks to a limited edition exclusive, our very own CELIA Dark caramel.”


I’m craving dark chocolate just thinking about it. The launch party is being held at Melt London’s chocolate shop in lovely Holland Park.  It sounds like the perfect bit of after-work indulgence. See you there?

Click here to get yourself a free ticket. 

(Entry to the launch party, cocktails, caramels, chocs and CELIA Dark are all free, but tickets are limited, so reserve yourself a space sooner rather than later.)


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  2. Omg that sounds amazing!!! I REALLY need to get more money so I could afford to get myself to London for stuff like this! Sometimes being out in the sticks really sucks, lol! If you go, PLEASE do a post on how utterly fabulous it is!?

  3. Hi Issi. coming into Knightsbridge for speedy overnight stay on Sunday and not much time to find GF food – any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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