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Celia + Melt: A little photo diary of the Celia Dark launch party

I mentioned earlier this week that Celia were putting on a launch party for their new gluten free lager, and thought I’d share a few snapshots from the night!

Celia Dark + Melt chocolates = winning combination

I mentioned earlier this week that Celia were putting on a launch party for their new gluten free lager, and thought I’d share a few snapshots from the night!

Celia is a gluten free beer brand, whose Celia Lager is one of the most widely stocked and popular varieties of freefrom beer. The launch was for their newbie, Celia Dark, which is similar to their original beer, but as the name suggests, a darker flavour, with a ”burnt caramel aroma’.

The launch was held at the Melt chocolate shop in Holland Park. In a pretty cool and innovative move, Celia and Melt collaborated on some wonderful chocolatey, alcoholic creations for the night, all of which were gluten free! 

There was beer + dark chocolate ganache (pictured, above), french macarons, caramels, cocktails, chocolate buttons…who knew that beer and chocolate were so complementary?

I am not usually a huge fan of beer, but I was willing to give Celia’s a go.

Celia Dark was actually the most palatable gluten free beer I’ve tried (and the only one I’ve finished a whole bottle of!) possibly because it tasted vaguely toffeeish and didn’t taste as intensely…hoppy (?) as some others. I am not a beer aficionado, so there are almost certainly others better able to judge on taste. My boyf David who came with me on the night, says that it hasn’t knocked Estrella’s Daura Damm off the top spot for him.

David and I ate a frankly impolite number of boozy / chocolatey treats, and had a lovely time. Well played, Celia.

If you fancy trying Celia Dark, it is on offer on Ocado all week for #CoeliacUKAwarenessWeek. You can also find it in Oddbins and various independent retailers.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it, or if there is another gluten free beer that might convert a non-beer drinker like me!

Link to Celia’s Website
Link to Melt Chocolates


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  1. Yum yum yum! I know the main focus is meant to be the beer but I’m afraid my mind is still on those macarons!!! I’ve never liked beer, even before I was coeliac, so I’ve never really given gluten free beer a fair taste. I had a small cut of some thrust into my hand at last year’s Allergy Show but I didn’t see what company it was, and after a quick taste passed it to my husband. Blech. Probably a good drink but not for a tequila/vodka/rum girl, I’m afraid! Anyway, I’ll have to see if I can find some Celia Dark. Maybe the answer is to pair it with chocolate? Oh darn! ;0)

    • Haha to be honest the chocolatey creations stole the show for me too! I’ve pretty much always been coeliac so have never tried ‘normal’ beer or acquired the taste for it…Celia Dark is the first one I have finished a whole bottle of so that says something! Like you I am more of a spirits / wine girl though. :) Issi

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