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Gluten Free Ravioli, Apple Pie & Gelato: Italian Treats in London


Gluten free ravioli is something that I’ve always wanted to try. Readers of this blog will know about my deep and abiding love for Italian food, but ravioli is something I have never been able to track down, a rarity in the gluten free world.

This weekend however, I finally got a taste. On the spur of the moment, my boyfriend David and I attended a gluten free evening of Italian food, a collaboration between gluten free producer Coori and Ealing cafe Coda di Volpe.

Reading about it in one of Coori’s subscriber emails and noting the gluten free ravioli, homemade gluten free apple pie & gelato and yummy-sounding Italian antipasti, my gluten free heart started beating that little bit faster – I had to go.


Where is it?

The meal was at Coda di Volpe, which is a small cafe bar a few minutes from Ealing Broadway station. It feels somewhat off the beaten track. It also feels very Italian. It is run by Italians, Italian TV plays in the corner, the ingredients and deli food are imported from Italy, and overall  it reminded me a lot of our experiences eating out in Sicily.

The Food! 


Starters were bruschetta or antipasti. Oh my. The bruschetta was on a very tasty gluten free baguette topped with the freshest of fresh tomatoes, herbs and olive oil.


The antipasti was cured Cilento mountain ham with figs and melon. Some of the most delicious ham I have ever eaten. Soft, with a gentle flavour. Not overly salty. Perfect wrapped around quarters of fresh fig. It was not as day-glo as it looks in the photo!

The Main Event


Ravioli time!! The top half of the plate is Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil. Very rich and luxurious-tasting. The truffle oil added an extra special something.

The bottom half was my favourite and the thing I was so looking forward to trying: Ravioli with a ricotta and spinach filling & tomato and basil sauce. OMG. It was gorgeous. Rich without being overwhelming, beautiful flavours and texture – the gluten free pasta all held together, and didn’t look any different to my eye from the normal stuff, and the tomato and basil sauce was the perfect accompaniment. It lived up to my high expectations.

I found the the ravioli (sans sauce) on Coori’s website here



And the finale…gluten free apple pie with homemade vanilla gelato. YES. This was another first for me – until this night, I had never eaten a remotely homemade gluten free apple pie, only some (frankly disappointing) miniature ones from the supermarket. It was a delight. The gelato was incredibly soft and creamy too, a world away from vanilla soft scoop. This was David’s favourite part of the meal.



Our meal was £25 for 3 courses of delicious gluten free Italian food + a glass of wine.


Would I recommend it? 

Yes, if Coda di Volpe and Coori do another better promoted and organised gluten free event. (Coda di Volpe do not at time of writing have many gluten free options in their everyday menu).

Looking at the delicious spread above, you may be surprised to learn that though David and I weren’t dining alone in the cafe, we were the only ones who turned up specifically for this gluten free special. It seems that not many people heard about it, and we found it quite confusing to book. I’m sure that many other gluten free Londoners would have enjoyed it, if only they had known about it.

I hope the two companies will collaborate some more, and gluten free Londoners will get a second chance to try some of their heavenly gluten free Italian food!

You can find Coori here: link to website
Coda Di Volpe are at 44 The Mall, Ealing, London, W5 3TJ – link to website 


Gluten free Londoners, what do you think of the meal above? Would you be up for going to an event like this? Write in the comments and share if so – let the companies know! :)



  1. Simon says

    Myself & my girlfriend (she’s the coeliac, I’m just very supportive & loving it) would be all over events like these if we knew. Looks fantastic. Keep us in the loop.

    • Good stuff! It is a mystery why this wasn’t publicised more. And kudos for being a supportive partner to a coeliac – it is so appreciated!


  2. davidstone2989 says

    May I just say that apple pie smelt out of this world. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything on a plate which I would have been just as happy sitting for half an hour sniffing!

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