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Bath Gluten Free Fair: My Top Picks


Last weekend I went to a gluten free fair organised by Bath & West Wiltshire Coeliac Group.

I always love a food fair, but it is especially fun when everything is gluten free. I had a nice couple of hours there with my family, checking out new brands, buying foodie gifts (for myself – heehee) and meeting some lovely people from the internet.

Despite unfortunate problems with overcrowding and having to queue (who knew there were so many coeliacs in Bath?!), it was great to discover some new favourites.

Here are the gluten free goodies that caught my eye.


Barkat Gluten Free Waffles


Waffles, huzzah! Gluten free waffles have been on my “must try” list for a long time, but hardly anywhere sells them. I will report back. Gluten Free B did an interesting interview with the founder, worth a read.

Check out the brand HERE.


Batch #5 goodies


A Bath bakery doing very exciting gluten free things (in a 100% gluten free facility). The bread, cheese straws and brownie are great. I found the miracle bar a little overly sweet. In general though, I am loving their work.

Check out the brand HERE.


Dr Schar Sweet Brioche Rolls


A soft sweet bread, perfect for a treat breakfast. I first tried these in Sicily, I’m happy they have finally made it to the UK.

Check out the brand HERE.


Christine’s Puddings


The Courgette, Tomato & Mushroom Tart made for a lovely lunch (though it didn’t quite beat my current fave, M&S gluten free quiche lorraine). I am saving my Treacle Tart. It will be my first ever. UPDATE: I ate it and it was squidgy, syrupy gloriousness. Christine’s is a brand I had never come across before, I will be looking out for them again.

Check out the brand HERE.


Farabella Pasta & Gnocchi


Yumm, Italian goodies from Drossa Ltd. If you’ve read about my gluten free adventures in Sicily or my hunt for gluten free ravioli you will know this stuff is bang up my street. I haven’t tried either yet, but I have high hopes. It was great to meet Sheona, the lady behind Drossa.

Check out the brand HERE.


Juvela Fresh White Bread


Juvela breads and mixes have a good rep in the coeliac community, I’m looking forward to trying this loaf. Their gluten free products are only available on prescription, but here they were giving away loaves to try.

Check out the brand HERE.




You can see a photo of the pizza I made with the Wellfoods pizza base on Instagram. The base is quite different, thick and almost more like a foccaccia bread. I enjoyed it very much. The Wellfoods Gluten Free Rolls I have actually reviewed before, in different packaging. Read my review here. They are also the gluten free buns used at Honest Burger, FYI. I enjoyed getting to meet Janet, the lovely Yorkshire lady behind the company.


Hopefully the next Bath gluten free fair will be even bigger and better – now they know the huge demand for gluten free events in the area, perhaps there could even be more?


Do you fancy going to a gluten free fair? Did you make it to this one? Do let me know in the comments. :)


P.S. A couple of other fairs I’ve been to and enjoyed, are the Camden Market Gluten Free Festival and the London Allergy & Freefrom Show. There are smaller events happening all over the UK, you can find out more from your local coeliac meetup group or from Coeliac UK.

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  1. Hi Issi, so glad you had a great time at Bath. Some of the products you picked as your favourites are great.

    Did you know the gnocchi from Drossa is available (as Bialimentara) on prescription? I met Sheona a few years ago at the Bath & West Wilts food fair and she is a lovely lady. She helped me get these on prescription as my pharmacy wouldn’t let me have them, and she rang around my town to see who would supply them for me.

    I have just got a pack of Schar sweet brioche rolls. They have actually been available in the UK for many years, under the name of DS Sweet Breakfast Rolls (all DS brands have now changed to Schar who have owned the company for many years). Although they have vanished for the last couple of years. I am looking forward to trying them again.

    The Bath & West Wilts Group food fair has been going for many years, in various venues. I visited a few years ago at Melksham where it has been held for a few years. Due to the size of the event they relocated this year to Bath Racecourse. If you think that was crowded you should have seen the little hall in Melksham.

    Who knew there were so many coeliacs in Bath? Lol! They actually probably came from all over Wiltshire and probably further afield too. The Bath & West Wilts covers a large area of Wiltshire and indeed is the only local group for some people. Bristol doesn’t have one anymore, nor does Somerset. The nearest ones south of this one are Exeter & Exmouth and North Devon (which I organise).

    I doubt the local group would organise another apart from their annual one as it takes a lot of work for a few people to make this one work. Well done to them all! However, there will be a Food Fair at Bath Racecourse next July (Saturday 3rd) when Coeliac UK hold their AGM there.

    London South Coeliac Group have a mini food fair next Saturday? Are you able to get to that one?

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment Sue!

      I did not know that you could get the gnocchi on prescription. That’s so nice of Sheona – I know it can be difficult trying to sort out GF prescriptions, especially with local councils trying to cut back on GF stuff. I gave up on it a couple of years ago but maybe if there are some good products available I should try it again.

      I somehow never came across the DS version of the rolls. I thought I’d made a big discovery when I came across them in Sicily. I’ve been bringing them into work for breakfast this week, it’s handy that they don’t need to be reheated or toasted.

      Haha, since writing the post I have had a few people point out that people did come from far and wide, not just Bath! Apparently people came from London, Wales even. This was the first event in the South West that I’ve gone to, though I’ve been to quite a few others in London. It must have been a lot of work for the volunteers, I hope they know how appreciated it is!

      I am a maybe for the London South Coeliac fair. :)

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